Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Deck

I think everyone should start a remodeling project when they are about 32 weeks pregnant with their first child. It's just a good idea (I hope you can read the sarcasm here).

I don't recommend it but I couldn't possibly be more thankful for the transformation that has taken place. Our house feels brighter and more like our home. There is just a difference between living in a house and living in a home.

We developed a list when we moved into this house. I hate the list and I love the list. I hate how long the list is. I hate how expensive some of the things are on the list. I hate waiting while we save up for things on the list. I hate when something we didn't anticipate (like a broken down vehicle) prevents or pushes back something on the list. I love the list... I love checking things off the list. The list tells us where we are going and it reminds us of where we've been. I have always gained a strange satisfaction from crossing things off lists.

To say that we planned this renovation would be a lie. The catalyst was our old deck. Just check it out.

It bounced when you walked on it.
literally falling apart
There was a lot of this going on. See the break?

Once it was decided to replace the deck the rest sort of snowballed. Before I knew it our house became a disaster zone.

Demolition Day
Hello wide doorway!
The stairs Owen and I fell down (I was pregnant at the time)
1 week progress
This pile got astronomical

Upstairs hallway progress
It was a little stressful, but we now have beautiful hardwood floors upstairs, laminate in the basement, and a new wider doorway from the den into the kitchen. Oh, and we also finally got our laundry room sink hooked up but that was minor compared to everything else. I'll post more photos later, but I'll leave you with one "mini" before and after photo of Owen's room which really isn't even accurate anymore because his room is a little different now. However, you can see some progress.

Nursery Before
Nursery After
We still have a lot to do. There is a lot of painting and touching up that needs to take place. It's not going to be nearly as easy as it once was to tackle little projects like this, but I'm determined to figure something out. For now, I'll just leave this post hanging with one more picture of the deck.

Deck progress


  1. oh my goodness, the new deck is gorgeous! And did you add a sunroom with it? It looks great! And I totally understand living in a demolition zone...we've had cardboard on our floors for over a month while our bathroom renovations have been going on. It's been insane, but like you said, it's so worth it in the end :)

  2. Thanks Amy! We hope to screen in the covered area soon so that we can sit outside without the bugs:) Bathrooms scare me. Hope you get things back in working order soon! I can't wait to see pictures! Maybe I'll get some inspiration to tackle ours.