Friday, March 8, 2013

3 Months

We've reached the three month mark. This is the point that I have both dreaded and looked forward to. I dreaded it because it meant the end of maternity leave but I looked forward to it because everyone seems to think that babies become more settled at this point.

3 months old
Morning smiles

Health and Growth:
I don't know how much he weighs right now, but he feels and looks bigger! We had our appointment with the pediatric nephrologist and it went really well. We will continue to keep an eye on his kidney. His next appointment is to repeat the ultrasound in a couple of months. Even if it never resolves itself, the doc said that surgery is always the last resort and reserved for cases in which the fluid is causing potential damage. We have been watching to make sure that Owen doesn't run fevers and so far, it looks good!

stretching those legs
Owen is cooing, kicking, batting at things, hating tummy time most days, and smiling a ton. His head control is improving but it will probably be a while before he can hold it completely upright and steady. His head is just so big (90th percentile)! He enjoys watching us walk around doing things as simple as cleaning. The other day he quite contentedly watched me sweep and mop the floors for about an hour. He also has sensitive ears like his mommy. I made the mistake the other day of yelling "no" at Hurley while I was feeding Owen.... Bad idea. It was instant tears. I mean the full out, face red, screaming kind. Oops! I felt terrible about it, but I couldn't help but laugh either!

Owen is discovering his hands. He is always cramming them in his mouth and learning that he can suck on them too. He occasionally looks at his feet, but he's really interested in his hands. There are times he'd rather suck on his own hand than a paci. We may just have a thumb sucker on our hands!

Owen eats 6-7 times a day. His day seems to be falling into a routine now.... for real this time. Prior to now I had become accustom to feeling like we had some routine going only to have it change after about a week. I think he has started to "settle" like everyone said he would. In preparation for my return to work we began giving Owen at least one bottle of expressed breast milk every day around week 10. I also tried to make sure that different people were able to give it to him. It was a great opportunity for us to try and figure out how much milk he actually takes during his feedings. By staggering the time of day that we would give the bottle, I was able to learn that I usually have about 5 oz at his 10:00ish feeding, 4 oz the rest of the day, and about 3 oz right before he goes to bed.

Owen is still sleeping in his crib at night, but I will admit that I've been bad about his naps. There are a lot of days I've let him nap in his swing and days that I take him to bed with me so we can nap together. It doesn't seem to be affecting his night routine like it had before though. I guess if I begin to notice that he's fighting going to sleep in his crib then I will go back to naps in his crib.

blurry pic of us sleeping together
For Owen, weeks 8-12 began to look something like this (fyi: these are all "ish" times):

7:30- wake up, eat
9:00- nap
10:30- wake up, eat
1:00- wake up, eat
3:00- nap
5:00- wake up, eat
6:45- possible nap
7:30- eat
8:30- in crib asleep
10:00-11:00- eat, back to crib
4:30-5:30- eat, back to crib

Swaddling with one arm out to start the weaning process
Now I have to brag on my sweet boy for a sec. A week before I was scheduled to go back to work (one day before he was 12 weeks old) I woke up completely engorged and confused. I looked at the clock to see that it was 6:30. Owen skipped right over his 4:30 feeding! I shook Patrick awake to make him look at the clock with me. I think we may have even high fived:) Owen ended up waking about 20 minutes later. I was hoping and praying that Owen would make sleeping 8 hours his new normal routine which he did for about two weeks. It was glorious.

Can't get enough of holding my sweet boy:)
Owen still loves his activity mat. We've tried the mamas and papas chair some, but he's not too crazy about the idea of sitting up just yet. However, he loves standing. He gets a really funny look on his face when we do this. It's almost like you can see his pride just brimming over. He is still enjoying his swing. It's a good calm activity for him to be alone with his deepest thoughts:) We've also been going for walks when it's been warm and pretty enough. He seems to like being outside. I've also been using the baby carrier from time to time. I've found that it's a good option in the evening on nights when he's decided to skip his little 6:45ish nap. It keeps him happy.

Hey big boy!
Forgot to mention the newborn lounger! Taken during a play date with John.
Walks through the neighborhood
all bundled up!

His startled face from the camera noise:)

I'm so thankful that I got to spend 13 weeks at home with you following your arrival. You are such a good boy! I think you've spoiled me with your goodness. Thanks for being patient as I've figured out this being a mommy business!

I know that the next few weeks are going to be tough. I'm sure your routine is going to be disrupted. I'm also pretty sure you are going to cry more when I'm away, but know that I think that these things are going to be good for you in the long run. I want you to grow up knowing that you are loved by so many different people. I also want you to be able to trust that you will be taken care of even if I'm not with you.

We have completed the first little chapter of your life and now we are turning the page to bigger adventures. Every day you are making new discoveries and it has become one of my greatest joys to watch you grow in your understanding of the world. Know that you have a smile that completely melts my heart. Know that when you cry, I hurt for you. Know that when I'm not with you, you are missed. 

Just hold on tight little one! We're gonna get through this together.

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