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Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 23 and 24

Well, here I am doing another 2 week update (and it's a little late too given that I'm 25 weeks). Somehow I got way behind again. I think it's because the past few weeks have involved a lot of traveling during my off days and I refuse to blog while with family or on vacation. It's been a good few weeks with a lot of growth!

Week 23
The highlight from this week was visiting my family for a couple of days. It was a short trip, but I'm glad we made it. We left early Wednesday morning and returned late Thursday evening. I would have loved to stay until Friday, which was our original plan, but then I realized I had some mandatory classes scheduled at work that I had to be back for.

Because I'm way behind but still want to keep track of this pregnancy, I'm doing a much abbreviated version of this weekly update. These were some of the things that I found most memorable.

Size of baby/kidney progress:
Well, visiting my family meant we got to have yet another ultrasound. We even got some 4D pictures. They aren't very good due to my anterior placenta, but it was a nice try. Baby man was looking good in there. He grew out to be 1.25 pounds and 12 inches long, which seemed really big to me! This week the bump says he's the size of a grapefruit.

The other good news was that his kidneys are looking good. One kidney was completely normal and the other was still looking about the same, which is fine. My dad felt that if one kidney had already cleared up, the other would soon follow. My dad also made sure that they measured my cervical length. I've been contracting some at work and so he wanted to make sure it was adequate. Everything was fine. It's about 4cm. I'm pretty sure that the contractions are due to my being on my feet for such long hours. We've also been really busy and that makes it hard to eat and drink regularly. I'm working on it, though! We definitely don't want this little guy to make his arrival too soon.

Now for some pictures. Like I said, they aren't very good and if you aren't into the 4D stuff (I'm not a big fan either), then skip the next few pics.

He's still a boy...:)
You can see some of his face in this one. Like one eye, and a mushed up nose and mouth.
Pregnancy Symptoms:
Well, the contractions are there. I don't have but a few on my off days, but I've noticed that walking a lot and working out seem to make them get going for a little while. They aren't painful, just annoying. I've been reassured by knowing how long my cervix was on Wednesday. I think I'll feel better too once I'm a little further along (come on, 24 weeks!). Just knowing that I will be what we call "viable" in a few days makes me feel better. It also freaks me out a little! I have a lot to do!

There are the beginning stages of a registry. Patrick and I worked on it Friday. We spent 2 hours in Buy Buy Baby and that was more than enough. That place is overwhelming! I need to go back and tweak it some, though. There is a room in our house that is partially cleaned out so that it can become what I hope will resemble a nursery. That is probably where our preparations have stopped, though. We have kind of taken a break from the name thing. I guess we're both hoping something will just come to us one day. Likely, right?

Looking forward to:
The beach! Can't wait for a little rest and relaxation with Patrick in a few days. I just have to make it through my four twelves at work. We (and by that I mean mostly I) plan to unplug from the world, sleep in/go to bed early, sit on the beach for hours, and eat some seafood.

Week 24
This week we traveled down to Gulf Shores for some beach time with Patrick's parents. It was wonderful especially after working 4 days in a row. I got home from work Tuesday night and helped Patrick finish loading up the car. We were on the road by 9:00 and made it to the beach sometime around 1:30am... I think (I slept pretty much the whole way). It was glorious waking up to the ocean and knowing that we were going to have 4 full days to enjoy it. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. If we hadn't known, due to today's technology, then we would've had no idea that a hurricane was approaching. Even better, it wasn't even that hot.

Size of baby:
Baby is now the size of a cantaloupe.

Sounds like a big jump from last week and I'm feeling it. It seems like my tummy is a lot bigger than last week and his kicks are a lot stronger. I enjoy watching and feeling him move around.

Size of me:
Well, I guess you can have a look for yourself. I think I've grown a lot since the last picture. Please forgive the photo quality and my slightly glistening look. We were at the beach and we are still trying to figure out this new camera. The flash is really not my friend here, but that's the best we could do.

Pregnancy symptoms:
This week seemed to carry with it a lot of heartburn. It probably had something to do with all that fried shrimp we ate. I've noticed that breakfast is often my best meal of the day because I can eat normally without any pain or discomfort. The contractions happened a lot less since we were just hanging out on the beach. I noticed a few while I was working out one morning, but I think that's pretty normal.

Given that we unplugged from the world, we are pretty much in the same place as we were last week. We had one or two name discussions with not much progress. We also spent a little bit of time discussing how in the world we want to manage childcare when I go back to work. That wasn't a very fun discussion either but I know it is something we will have to think and talk about more.

I'm very glad that I only work 3 days a week, but it's hard imagining leaving our baby with anyone other than us. We are praying that we can find someone that wants a part time job keeping him so we can avoid daycare and its expense. Most day care centers don't offer part time options and it would be silly for us to pay for full-time care. My preference is to find one person that can take care of him on my work days so that he doesn't have to get juggled between people during the day. I just feel like that could be disruptive to a little guy especially if he's napping.

Looking forward to:
I'm ready to start planning this nursery I think. Now that I've hit the 24 week mark I feel like I can start to be more of a planner. It's not really in my nature, but I know that these things can take time. Plus, a friend pointed out to me that sometimes cribs take a while to be delivered depending on what you want. That kind of gave me incentive because at this point I have no idea what I want.

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