Friday, September 7, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: 26 weeks

This week started off great. Patrick and I enjoyed a slow Sunday for a change. Due to the holiday, there were no youth activities going on. I had normal work days Monday and Tuesday. Then baby threw us a curve ball on Wednesday. Well, I say baby, but really it was my uterus.

Sometime around 3:30pm I realized that I was beginning to feel a few contractions. I grabbed my water and started drinking but noticed a couple more. I then laid down in the bed so that I could focus and time them better. Over the next hour I counted 8. I took Tylenol and called my dad. He, of course, told me to go to the hospital. I knew that's where I needed to be, but I just really wanted someone to tell me that this wasn't happening. However, I knew that I needed to go get checked out and that if something bad happened I would never forgive myself for ignoring the symptoms.

The good news is that I wasn't dilated. The bad news is that I was indeed contracting- quite a bit actually. None of them were painful, but I could tell that they were there. Very quickly they gave me benadryl and terbutaline. Let me tell you, that makes for a very odd combination once it starts to kick in. The benadryl made me drowsy headed like I was having an out of body experience, but the terbualine amped me up like someone had given me a whole pot of coffee. It was pretty crummy actually. Here I am after getting my first dose of meds.

25 weeks and 5 days

Patrick and I had a little free time while sitting there waiting to see what would happen next. It was very odd being on the other side of things. I tried to be a good patient. And here's a contraction on the monitor with baby boy just chillin out.

Then the contractions started increasing in frequency again (I think the doc said every 3 minutes) and so they gave me some more terbutaline and a bag of IV fluids. Thankfully, it worked! After an hour of no contractions they let us go home.

I feel a whole lot better knowing that the contractions didn't dilate my cervix. We ended up leaving the hospital around 10:30 that night. I was so happy to have my bed instead of that stretcher. Thursday I was told to take it easy, which I did. I think it helped a lot. I had most of my contractions that morning, but the more I rested and hydrated, the better they seemed to get. Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from one of the nurses that works with my doctor. She asked me how the day had been and I was completely honest. Then it was decided that I shouldn't work today... not the answer I was expecting. However, I'm letting go of my superwoman tendencies and have decided to enjoy the unexpected five days off in a row.

Size of baby:
Baby boy is now the size of a head of lettuce at 13.6 to 14.8 inches long and somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. Grow baby, grow! I'm happy that he seems to be doing well in there. He didn't seem to mind the contractions the other night when we watched his heart rate on the monitor. He didn't even really mind the medications they had to give me which can sometimes make a baby have an episode of tachycardia.

Size of me:
I think I look about the same this week as last week. That's what I think anyway. The scale seems to have been stuck this week, too. I guess baby boy had himself a little growth spurt between weeks 24 and 25 and is now prepping for the next one.

26 weeks

Diet changes:
Patrick has decided that part of the problem is that I haven't been eating enough. In some ways, I think I agree. I get busier than I mean to be sometimes and forget to listen to my body. Work has been busy lately but I can't blame it entirely on work. For example, the other day I ate a late breakfast around 10:30 and didn't eat again until after 3pm (yeah, I was starving by that point). I was running errands and had my water with me, but I know that baby and I need more than just water. I hope to do a better job with this in the coming weeks.

We are slowly making decisions about the nursery and slowly discussing names for this little one. It's hard to name another person. It feels like a big deal.

Looking forward to:
I'm beginning to get excited about the fall. I'm ready for cooler weather, football, game day food, and I'll just add that the pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks. Pretty awesome!

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