Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: Week 21 and 22

Okay, this can't be right... 22 weeks? Excuse me for a second while I practice my deep breathing. I'm still feeling pretty good and I'm getting used to this growing abdomen. For about a week I was startled when I'd pass by a mirror and catch a glimpse. It's the strangest thing having complete strangers begin to notice my pregnancy. I had a lady ask, "Well, when are you due?" and I was stunned for about two seconds as the thought went through my brain, "Do I know this woman? How does she know?" It's just taken me a while to wrap my head around the fact that I now look pregnant. While I haven't been the best at blogging this journey for the past couple of weeks (hence, the two week update), I do have pictures to share this time!

Size of baby:
For 21 weeks the bump says baby boy is the size of a pomegranate at 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces. For 22 weeks it says that he's the size of a papaya at 10.5 to 11.8 inches and 12.7 to 20.8 ounces. Apparently he's having his own sleep cycles in there. I also think it's funny that the bump can't decide if this baby grew or not. Did you catch that? I'm pretty sure he did judging by the changes I'm seeing and feeling. His kicks have gotten a lot stronger this past week.

Size of me:
Just look for yourself! I'm definitely growing for all those people out there that tell me I'm tiny (which I totally don't mind- keep it coming!) I feel anything but tiny at the moment and I know it's just the beginning. I've started to really pack on the lbs over the past few weeks so baby boy must be growing by leaps and bounds. I'm pretty sure I'll be up 10lbs by the end of the week.

21 weeks and 5 days

You may have also noticed that we changed up the location for these photo updates. Plus, we have a new camera! My sweet husband bought me a Nikon D3100 for my birthday. Isn't he the best? I've only had it since Monday night, so I haven't gotten to play with it too much. I'm really looking forward to taking better pictures and playing around with editing. This blog might just explode with photos now:)

Pregnancy symptoms:
Mostly, the same old stuff I suppose. I've definitely noticed that my mood is much better now. It might have something to do with having my hubby home though. My legs were really hurting a lot this week especially when I'd get home after my 12 hour shift. It makes it hard to wake up in the morning on an off day and work out because I'll often wake up still aching. Tylenol does nothing to help. I'm learning to be okay with afternoon workouts though. Other symptoms include, leaky boobs (sorry), occasional lower back pain, waking up in the middle of the night to pee, and I've even started noticing braxton hicks contractions. It took me a while to realize what it was and then admit to myself that I was indeed having them. I now know why people say that their baby is just "balling up". My little uterus turns into a tight little ball that I can watch and feel. It's really not painful, just annoying sometimes. It's usually after a workout or late at night after work. I'm trying my best to drink plenty of water.

Anything is pretty much a go at this point. I can even eat chicken:) However, I can't eat a ton in one sitting. It doesn't all fit in my stomach. I have noticed a slight increase in my appetite this past week. I feel like I want to eat more and more frequently. This is probably why I'm gaining weight faster now, huh. There are no real cravings that stick out in my mind, but I've been desiring more sweet things than usual. I'm usually such a salty snack fan, but there have been several times this past week when a cookie or a rice crispy treat sounds just perfect. I mean, doesn't that sound good to you?

Best moments from the weeks:
Wow... Where do I start? It's been a good couple of weeks. Patrick got to feel the baby kicking sometime around 19 weeks and 4 days. That was a lot of fun. Now, we can not only feel his little punches and kicks, but we can see them too. A few nights ago, I lifted up my shirt and we just sat and watched him do his thing. It's totally fun watching my belly move. We can't help but laugh. We also had a quick visit from my dad, which I really loved. I miss my family a ton. He came bearing birthday gifts (since my birthday was only a couple of days away) and it made me feel very loved and supported. My birthday ended up being the major highlight from this week. I had to work on my birthday and the day after but I really didn't mind. It's kind of fun welcoming babies into the world on your birthday:) Plus, I have a sweet husband who surprised me with a wonderful dinner, desert, flowers, and an awesome gift (my Nikon camera). Yes, I cried. I woke up Wednesday morning ready to start snapping pictures. Patrick didn't want to be photographed first thing in the morning so I went and found a more willing participant. Guess who?

Don't worry, he's excited for mommy. Just look at that precious face!

Nesting instincts:
My nesting still hasn't kicked in full force, but I'm noticing more of an urgency on some things. For example, I started a registry. I'm sure it will be tweaked like crazy, added too, and taken away from in the coming weeks, but it's a start. The room that will be the nursery is cleaned out for the most part so I may start planning that over the next few weeks. I haven't looked very much at bedding, cribs, and that sort of thing which is surprising since I love painting and stuff. Plus, we've starting discussing baby names. They are brief conversations and sometimes end with us just making up silly ones and laughing. We're getting there though! I'm hoping to stay laid back about most of this stuff.

Most looking forward to:
I'm looking forward to a couple of things actually. We are going to try and visit my family soon which I am beyond ready for. Also, we have officially made plans to join Patrick's parents at the beach for a few days. Speaking of which, I need to go swimsuit shopping... That should be interesting.

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