Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: 17 weeks

Can't believe I'm already 17 weeks. This feels like it is flying. I'm sure it won't at the end, but for now I'm really wondering where the pause button is on this thing! I've felt the return of some energy this week which came in handy since Patrick was in New Orleans all week on a mission trip. I worked Monday and Tuesday, celebrated with friends and family for the fourth, my sister came in town to visit Thursday, and Patrick finally returned home to me Friday night after I worked another shift. I'm glad that he is going to be home for an entire week before leaving for Belize on Saturday.

Size of baby:
Baby is now the size of an onion at a little over 5 inches and about 5.9 ounces. I'm definitely feeling more pregnant this week, so our little one must be growing! Our baby has been working on developing strong bones this week so it can kick me a little bit better. No, I'm not really feeling it yet. There have been a few moments when I've been resting and thought for a second that maybe I felt something, but then again, maybe not. It's too hard to say at this point. I did get a pretty good picture of our baby and those growing bones this week.

16 weeks and 4 days.
That is a picture of the head, an arm, and fingers. I'm still in shock every time I look at our baby and see how much bigger it is getting. It really is amazing how quickly a baby develops. I'm in awe of God's design.

Size of me:
Apparently, our baby isn't the only one getting bigger. I had been feeling really chubby all week and slightly frustrated as dressing my new curves became a bit of a challenge.  Then Patrick snapped these pictures and I was like, "Oh, I look pregnant." He just laughed. For some reason I can look in the mirror and see nothing but chubbiness but then look at a picture of myself and see pregnancy. I'm just in that awkward in between stage where I don't need maternity clothes but I can't wear all of my normal clothes either.

17 weeks

I was also shocked by the number on the scale this week. I'm now up almost 7 pounds from my pre-pregnant weight and I didn't eat anything different this week. It seemed like a really big jump from last week, but I guess it's normal?

Pregnancy symptoms:
The girls are still growing (along with my middle) and they can stop whenever they feel like it as far as I'm concerned. My normal appetite is back. I feel kind of moody at times. Oh, and my fatigue is steadily disappearing. I guess I can't expect it to go away completely. I mean, I am growing another human being here. I suppose I should expect that to be exhausting at times.

There really hasn't been anything that different this week. I've been having either an egg or a slice of quiche for breakfast (my sister made me one and brought it to me), tomato soup is still my go to lunch along with some nuts, fruit, and yogurt. Dinner is still a toss up and will probably remain as such until the summer is over. When Patrick is gone, I usually eat raisin bran for dinner. It's really hard to cook for just me.

Most frequently asked questions:
Are you excited?- Um... duh! Of course we are overjoyed (and definitely a little scared) about becoming parents. We still have our moments when we are in shock, but for the most part we are giddy with excitement about welcoming this little person into the world.

How far along are you? Well, I guess the title of this post answers that question. This question mostly comes from people at church that I don't see very often and a few coworkers that are still just recently discovering the news.

Are you going to find out what it is? Well, we are and we did. As many of you know, I've ultrasounded this child just about every week. It's been a shy one and only given little glimpses here and there to where I wasn't very confident in the predictions. However, this past Tuesday, it was like our baby decided it was time to let mommy get a really good look. We're probably not going to make it a public thing until after our 20 week ultrasound though. You would think that we were trying to kill some of our senior high girls by not spilling the beans just yet. It's kind of funny.

Most looking forward to:
Wow... For once, I'm not even sure. I think I'm getting excited about this little bump that continues to grow. It's the first true physical reminder that I'm pregnant. However, other times I feel like I'll be okay if it doesn't pop out just yet. I'm looking forward to those first baby kicks, but completely freaked out by it at the same time. I've talked with one mom who said that she got a little nauseated the first time she really felt her baby move. I hope I don't have that response! All of these changes will just be evidence that this is real (something I've had a hard time wrapping my head around).

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