Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Telling Dad

Once I realized those little pink lines were for real and that I wasn't imagining it, I just about picked up the phone and called Patrick. Thankfully, I thought better of it and realized that I just had to tell him in person. I knew that I wanted to see the look on his face and experience his reaction. I had several things to do that day so I hid the first pregnancy test (in case Patrick came home for some reason while I was out) and left. While I was out I had plenty of time to figure out how I was going to tell him. It didn't take me long before I realized that since his birthday hadn't been that long ago, I could easily surprise him with a late birthday gift that I just wasn't able to get for him before his birthday. The funny thing is that I wouldn't even be lying because I had tried to surprise him with a positive test on his birthday but it came out negative.

When I got home I set to work on finding a box and planning my next step. I decided that since I wasn't going to be needing that second test anytime soon that I should go ahead and turn it positive too. It was funny because my first one actually came out more positive (well, you know what I mean) than the second one. I guess the fact that I had downed about 5 glasses of water for the first test had finally diluted my urine by that point.

Here's the comparison:
Test #1

and test #1 and #2 side by side

The line is still there but it wasn't as dark. It was kind of fun because this time I actually watched it turn positive unlike the time before when I fully expected to set it down and come back 3 minutes later to only one line.

After that one came out positive I set to work on fixing the box. Patrick likes to shake his gifts so I decided I should plan ahead for that just in case. So I taped the tests to the lid of the box and wrote, "coming in 2012..." above them. I thought it would be funny because of my hormonal episode about the fact that our baby would have an odd birth year (yes, card carrying crazy, I know).

I already had an Auburn onesie that I purchased for the occasion (like 2 years ago when we first talked about trying). It had been sitting in the way back of my underwear drawer and I had almost completely forgotten about it until earlier that week. I folded it up really small so that he wouldn't be able to immediately tell what it was. It said, "I'm a little Tiger" but I folded it so you could only see the "Tiger" part. Then I closed the lid, put a bow on it and waited.

I actually wasn't sure when I would have time to tell him and I figured that I might just have to wait until after we finished our discipleship groups that night. However, when he came home for two hours in between work and digging deeper (Jr. High), I realized that I wasn't going to be able to hold it in anymore. My heart was about to explode out of my chest. I told him that I had a gift for him. He looked at me funny and for about two seconds I knew that he knew but then I regained my composure and explained that there had been something that I was working on before we left for our youth ministry conference the week before (again, not really a lie) but that it hadn't worked out. I told him that today, I had found the time to get it for him. He was thoroughly eating it up and said that he'd love to open another gift. I ran down the hall and came back with the gift.

He was laying on the couch with the box on his chest as he opened it, which kind of made it that much more perfect because I think he realized that there was something on the inside of the lid a little faster. He opened the box while looking down and then caught a glimpse of those tests. He startled like something was coming out of the box to eat him and then he froze with his jaw on his chest. Then I watched as his eyes got all watery. Then my eyes got all watery. I started explaining that I didn't know until that day as he sat up and pulled me into his lap. Then we hugged and kissed and I cried. I told him everything from the negative test, to realizing that maybe my cramping was for another reason, to buying the new tests that day, and then acting like a crazy woman when I realized that we were expecting. We talked for a while and then prayed for our little blessing from God. The moment couldn't have been any more perfect and telling Patrick that he is a dad will be a moment I'll never forget.

We are both so excited about our little one that will be joining the family later this year. Now that we've had time to process it feels a little more real than it did. We are looking forward to the craziness of parenthood.

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