Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 11, 12, and 13

Alright, people. It's time to play a little catch up so that we can get on real time. Warning: this post is probably going to get long because there is a lot to fit in here! Week 11 consisted of our second doctor visit and telling my family our news. During week 12 we spilled the beans a little more with the youth staff, some friends, and some select students (aka: most of my discipleship girls) on a youth trip. During week 13, we finished telling important people, I started sharing the news at work and of course, made the announcement to the internet world. So let's get started.

Week 11
Friday, May 25, 2012

Work was pretty tough this week (it was a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for me) and so I was extremely exhausted by the time Thursday rolled around. However, we made plans to go visit my family and share our news before summer hit but we couldn't do that before going to the doctor. So we had our second OB visit at 9:00 in the morning on Thursday. It was pretty uneventful. My blood pressure was fine this time. I guess I've managed to chill out a bit. I was up 3 pounds according to their scale, but still only 2 here on my home scale We discussed how I've been feeling, which is basically fine except for fatigue and then they tried to doppler the heartbeat. They tried, but couldn't get it. However, I didn't freak out. Thankfully, I can ultrasound this little booger any time I want and I had done that very thing on Tuesday. So I knew that this kid had a strong heartbeat as well as arms and legs that move and kick around a ton just two days before. They wanted to do an ultrasound to confirm that everything was indeed okay but I ended up declining because I wanted to get on the road and I knew that my dad would be ultrasounding this kiddo as soon as he could.

We ended up sharing the news with my family later that same night. We had just returned from dinner and were all sitting in the living room talking when my dad started talking about needing to go out and get coke or something. My mom immediately started telling him no and that we didn't need to go anywhere. I had my in. So I spoke up and said, "Well, we might actually need to run a few errands." They all looked at me confused except for my dad who responded with, "What do you need to get?" Perfect setup... "I thought you might want to ultrasound your other grand baby." There was about 3 seconds of silence when my mom barely had time to say, "Wait, are you...?" and squealing and yelling ensued. I'm also pretty sure that my sister ended up on her knees in front of me with her arms wrapped around my waist and her cheek pressed up against my lower abdomen. Yes, she's a fun one. It didn't take long before we were off to get an ultrasound.

10 weeks and 6 days
This ultrasound was a lot of fun. I loved that Patrick finally got to see our little one in action. Apparently he or she enjoyed the mexican food. My dad also seemed to enjoy himself. I have a roll of pictures that are about as tall as me. Patrick later told me that he had been a little concerned going into it since we hadn't heard the heartbeat at our appointment that morning. He's a sweetheart and didn't say a word of it to me though.

It was so much fun getting to share in our joy with my family and having them celebrate along with us. I also called my brother the next day to share the news since he is in North Carolina waiting on his bride to give birth to their first. It was a great weekend and I was sad to leave.

Week 12
Friday, June 1, 2012

This week has flown by. I worked Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I thought three in a row was tough before but let me tell you these three 12 hour shifts really take it out of me now that I'm pregnant. Then Wednesday morning I woke up early and headed to the beach for what we call 1st week. It is a trip for our recent graduates (which includes many of my discipleship girls). I left early and made it down there by 12pm. It was perfect. I was able to take my afternoon nap on the beach. I really can nap anywhere these days.

On Wednesday night we shared our news with the youth staff and a couple that has been so faithful to the youth ministry through the years. They have a house down there and were so kind to feed all of us. By Thursday night we had devised a plan to tell the students who were with us on the trip. We decided we would set up to take pictures and then make the announcement with a "say baby!" instead of a "say cheese!" The girls didn't really get it at first. I think they thought Patrick was playing a joke on them.

"Say baby elizapat!"
"Why?".... "This isn't funny..."
Looking at me for confirmation because they don't believe him.
Getting surrounded, hugged, and asked a million questions.
Notice the hands on my stomach! They were too cute.

One more that kind includes a little of everyone.
The guys were pretty happy too. They just celebrate a little differently. A simple thumbs up.
We swore them to secrecy for a few days (not that we were really expecting much but we figured it might slow the information a little). We still hadn't told a few people that were important to us. So when we returned home on Saturday that became our mission. Beat the gossip!

Week 13
Friday, June 8th, 2012

Time to say goodbye to the first trimester! It kinda freaks me out that it's already over. This train just doesn't slow down for anything. On Sunday we finished sharing our news with everyone we could possibly think of that would need/want to hear the news from us. Patrick announced the news to the senior high during youth that night. On Monday when I returned to work I began the process of sharing the news at work. It has been a lot of fun sharing the big news with everyone!

Size of Baby:
Baby is now the size of a peach according to the bump. This just cracks me up because you think I'd feel like there was something in there with it being that big. I can sometimes feel a little bit of a bulge right along my panty line, but sometimes not. It's a vanishing baby bump. Maybe I'm feeling something else like my bladder or bloat. I had an ultrasound done this week by one of my coworkers. It's still dancing up a storm in there.

12 weeks and 3 days
In this ultrasound the baby is facing us. The little legs are bent up so that you are looking at the knees and lower legs. My placenta is the light greyish blob at the upper left.

Pregnancy Symptoms:
I'm still fatigued most of the time but I also think I've been busy. When you are married to a youth minister there is no such think as a relaxing, slow summer. It's go, go, go, wash clothes, and repeat. 

Boy or Girl?:
It has been a lot of fun sharing the news with our students and it is so funny to hear their reactions and receive their input. Most of them see us having a boy and/or think it's a boy. 

Pregnancy Cravings/Aversions:
I'm doing a lot better with meat, but chicken is still a no go for the most part. I have days when I feel like I've eaten normal like I did before pregnancy and then I have days when I eat the most random stuff that is not particularly healthy. The scale still tells me I'm not going overboard though. I'm now up 3 pounds on my home scale which they say is completely normal and acceptable weight gain for the first trimester.

Best moment from the week:
Telling my friend Laurie that I'm pregnant. I've known about her pregnancy since the day after she took her pregnancy test, but I didn't share my news (which I discovered a few days later) until this week. Our due dates are 4 days apart. Her reaction has by far been the most entertaining. I'm not sure if she'd want me to share the whole thing for the internet world, but trust me, it was funny. I'm also very excited that we are going to go through this together and that more than likely we will be on maternity leave at the same time.

Most looking forward to:
I'm looking forward to Breakaway (high school youth conference) next week in Hilton Head, SC. I have taken off from work for it and I'm guessing it will be the last time I use vacation time for a while. I've looked into my maternity leave at work and I have more than enough hours to get paid while I take my leave, but I want to make sure I don't go crazy with it this summer just in case. I'm also going to visit my nephew who was born on June 7th! I can't wait to meet him!

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