Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: 8 Weeks

Friday, May 4th

I'm finally 8 weeks! Nothing drags out a pregnancy like going backwards in gestation. This week has been good and bad. The bad part was that Patrick left me to go to the beach (he goes every year on a "man beach conference") for the whole week. The good part was that I finally allowed myself to rest. I don't think I realized how exhausted I really have been. Naps have become my best friend this week. I think it is because of my naps that I've been able to get more accomplished around the house. Crazy, I know. Being lazy = More house chores. I've cleaned the bathrooms (which had been very neglected), the kitchen, organized the office, dusted, vacuumed, and finished laundry that had been piling up. I even got some important shopping finished. New bras became a must this week. Enough of an update on that stuff though. Lets get down to the weekly update.

Size of baby:
Our little one is now the size of a raspberry. I guess I'm about to start working my way through the produce section. Baby measures about 0.63 inches and is growing a millimeter each day. That little heartbeat has increased and now runs around 150 beats/minute.

Pregnancy Symptoms:
Besides being completely exhausted, I don't have many symptoms. No nausea to speak of. My doctor said that it's normal to either be really nauseated or extremely fatigued and that I should count myself as lucky. I completely agree with her. I'll take fatigue over throwing up any day. I have found a couple of things that have helped me fight off fatigue though. 1) naps (which I mentioned earlier) and 2) exercise. If I can get up enough motivation to zumba then I feel a lot better and the "high" seems to last me a few hours. It's nice to work up a sweat again. I took several weeks off early on due to travel, my fatigue, and the amount of cramping I was having.

I would say that I have more aversions than cravings right now. I have found that meat is not really jiving with me right now. I have a theory about this phenomenon. I think my body is just protecting me from getting sick. Pregnancy hormones slow down the GI tract and meat takes a long time to digest anyway. Maybe meat will be back in when I get used to the slower system.

Biggest Concern:
If you read my post about my first doctor visit then you know all about my freak out/break down. It's embarrassing but I'm going to leave it out there for the world to see because it is the real, authentic, pregnant me that I'm trying to document here. I will say that I am feeling much better now and my anxiety level is also way down. I checked my blood pressure several times this week and it is completely fine (114/76, 122/80, and 116/74). I'm also less freaked out about the "M" word. I guess with each passing week I get less and less worried about that.

Boy or Girl?:
I have been going for more sweet than salty lately which is unusual for me and some would say this means it's a girl.

Diet adjustments:
Due to the fact that meat is out, Patrick and I are trying to figure out how to ensure I get enough protein. Luckily, eggs are still in. I eat one egg every morning along with a smoothie made from frozen fruit and kefir. It seems that all reasonable thinking goes out the window when it comes to lunch and dinner though. I can't make a decision about those meals to save my life. Patrick and I went to dinner the other night and my dinner consisted of chips and salsa because nothing else sounded good. Then we got home and I finished off dinner with popcorn. I'm trying to work on this little issue before it becomes a big issue. Hopefully I'll figure out some meals that sound good, taste good, and offer higher nutritional value.

Best moment from the week:
I managed to sneak a peek at our little raspberry while I was at work. It was kind of interesting performing an ultrasound on myself but I did manage to freeze an image to send to Patrick for an update. I could see arms, legs, and a little heart ticking away.

Most looking forward to:
I think we are both looking forward to sharing our news with our friends and family here in a couple of weeks. The other night Patrick said, "How am I going to tell the students?!" I'm glad that we've had this time to absorb the information ourselves, but I think we are beyond ready to make this thing public. I think it is going to make it feel a lot more real too.

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