Monday, June 18, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: 10 Weeks

May 20, 2012

Last night was a big night. We spilled the beans to Patrick's parents over dinner- a dinner of beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, my favorite salad, and brownies I might add. Besides the fact that the dinner was a pregnant girls dream come true as far as the menu was concerned, it was also a perfect evening to celebrate our big news. Before his parents arrived, I set the table and placed ultrasound pictures inside of the napkins (I have plenty at this point because I can't resist taking a look every week at work). It was a lot of fun to see their reaction as they realized that something was in the napkin and the huge smiles that went across their faces as the realization set in.

Size of baby:
Our baby is about 1.5 inches long or about the size of a prune. Bones and cartilage are forming and baby continues to kick and wiggle up a storm. Of course, I can't feel a thing. Baby is also already producing urine and if it's a boy, he's producing his own testosterone. Amazing... Yes, I have yet another picture of our little one.

10 week ultrasound. Bigger head, body, and little legs bent.
Pregnancy Symptoms:
Oh fatigue, will you ever leave me? I'm hopeful that I'll get some energy back in a couple of weeks. I'm so tired of being tired. However, I will take this over nausea any day. I'm still waking up in the middle of the night to answer natures call. The funny thing is that I think I'm getting used to it. I seem to fall right back asleep. The breast tenderness is so much better and I'm thinking the growth has slowed at least for now anyway. I've also been really stuffy this past week. It's getting pretty bad and I can't really distinguish if it is a slight cold or if it's the normal nasal swelling that can come with pregnancy. I'm hoping it's just a little cold. Patrick said I snored last night so he's probably hoping the same thing I am.

Biggest Concern:
I don't really have any concerns to speak of. I've been really relaxed lately. It's nice to know that we will be continuing to share our news over the coming weeks. Hopefully everyone will know by the time I hit the second trimester. I think I'm ready.

Boy or Girl?
They say if you don't get very sick during early pregnancy that it means you're having a boy. I'm going to have to go back and tally up these random things and see if any are helpful at predicting. I'm pretty sure that nothing is, but it'll be interesting to see.

Diet adjustments:
Meat is making a comeback. That beef tenderloin was one of the best things that passed my lips in weeks. It was delicious. I'm hoping that this means that I can return to more of my normal diet here in the next couple of weeks. I don't know how much more oatmeal and tomato soup I can take.

Best Moment from the week:
Telling Patrick's parents was, of course, the best moment from the week. His mom just kept smiling. It was great to talk with them and update them on everything. I have the best in-laws ever. I'm pretty sure they were suspicious when we invited them over for dinner, but come to find out, they've been suspicious before. I think it's been on a lot of people's radar for a while. I had a fake glass of wine when they arrived though to try and throw them off the trail.

Most looking forward to:
This week is going to be a big week. I work for the next three days in a row. Then, Thursday, we have our second doctors appointment. I'm hoping for better blood pressure this time. After that we will be heading to visit my parents where we will share the news with my family. I'm not really sure if they are suspicious or not. We'll find out soon though. 

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