Saturday, June 30, 2012

New dresser

A few months ago I made an online furniture purchase for our bedroom. We've been in need of a dresser ever since I removed the one we were using and placed it in the dining room (where it belonged in the first place). My thinking was that it would motivate me to pick out a dresser for the Master bedroom. Well, it only took about 8 months or so for the pile of clothes on the floor to motivate me enough to bite the bullet and pick something. The dresser arrived while we were in Hilton Head. It sat in our garage for a few days until Patrick and I found time to carry it upstairs into the bedroom. Mission almost accomplished.... Go ahead a take a look though!

It's a little darker than our current furniture, but I like it. It fixed the pile of clothes on the floor pretty nicely. My next goal was to get that mirror, that you can see a little of in the photo above, hung above the dresser. That mirror has been against various walls of our home ever since we moved in. So on Wednesday morning I decided to get er done- yes, all by myself. Let me tell you, it was an epic failure. I spent about an hour finding the appropriate wire to hang it with only to read on the back of the mirror later that I'm not supposed to use wire. Instead, the company recommends using their hooks that have already been attached. At that point, I was still thinking I could do this.

After carefully measuring the length between the hooks, the height of the dresser, the height of the hooks on the back of the mirror, and leveling the nails on the wall in what I thought was the appropriate place, I realized that I had gone about the whole thing wrong... I forgot to factor in that I wasn't going to want the mirror to touch the dresser.. duh... So I remeasured to give myself about a 4 inch clearance and I re-nailed. Then it was time to hang the heavy mirror. I ran into a little snag, but I was determined. I actually managed to get the mirror hooks up to the nails (don't ask how, it wasn't my brightest moment) but then realized yet again that I am an idiot. Call it placenta brain if you want, but I failed to realize that two little nails in dry wall aren't sufficient to hold a 50 plus lb mirror. At that point, I gave in. I had no choice but to abort mission.

After some research that night and a conversation with my mother, I had a plan- toggle bolts! Also, I decided a little help from the hubs might be a wise decision. So on Thursday we made a quick trip to Lowes and by late that afternoon we had a mirror hanging correctly above our brand new dresser!

That dresser and mirror are so much prettier than a clothing pile! I can now check this off my to-do list which is now growing along with my midsection.

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