Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Curtains

I've been a really terrible blogger lately. Behind the scenes, there are actually still small changes that are taking place on a fairly regular basis. Today, I'll share with you about our new curtains and curtain rods in the living room and dining room. As you may know, these two rooms are one in our house and so I wanted them to have the same look. Our green target curtains that we had put up in our apartment for privacy and then threw them up again for the exact same reason in this home were no longer doing it for me (well, I never really liked them). Here's an old picture so you can remember.

and the dining room has never had curtains. We don't have any kind of privacy issue outside of them and so it was low on the list of priorities when we moved in.

I purchased the curtain rods from Pottery Barn and the sheers and curtains from JC Penny. I did all of this shopping online which was unusual for me, but it turned out great. I love our new curtains. I feel like our home is more cozy and inviting now.

I love that we have the sheers because we can close them for a little privacy (not that it's an issue this time of year). They also reduce the glare on our TV on really sunny days.

I'm very happy with this investment and wish I'd hung them sooner. It was definitely a task. I got to work on my stud finding, drilling, and measuring skills. I only made one measurement mistake and it was at the very end when I was rushing to finish and got a little over-confident in my abilities. I'll have to fix my boo-boo later with some putty and paint. I guess I'll fix it the next time I'm patching holes:)

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