Friday, February 10, 2012

Picking out cabinets

I have been in the process for about a week now of trying to select cabinetry for our hall bathroom. I think we are finally going to tackle a little remodel in there. To say that I am excited is an understatement. It is also overwhelming though. I think the most difficult thing for me has been deciding on the type and color of the cabinetry. This will be the first remodel that will effect the style in the rest of the house. Wouldn't it be silly to have super traditional cabinets in the hallway and then walk out into a really modern kitchen? I just want the house to flow well. 

Initially I looked into purchasing a vanity with the counter-top and sink already attached. It just seemed like it would be easier. After days of looking online, I have now decided to go in a different direction. It was getting to be frustrating that I couldn't find a style that Patrick and I both liked. Here are  a few of our top picks though.

First we have our top pick from Lowes at $598. 

This vanity also comes in white. Major problem though... It would never have fit through our door into the bathroom. Next we have our Amazon/Overstock finds. This white vanity is $559 on Amazon right now and also comes in a dark wood stain with black granite counter.

Only problem... It is not solid wood. I read multiple reviews of people complaining that it just couldn't hold up to the daily grind. So then we have this beauty from Amazon that comes with the mirror.

However, at $1,397 it is made of solid wood, had rave reviews, but blows the budget completely out of the water. Also, I realized that I wasn't really in love with it. The granite is ugly to me. So the final vanity was definitely our favorite. It is on multiple websites with various counter options, but we liked the price we saw on overstock for $907.

The vanity is made of solid wood and had reviews on several websites that were good. The main complaint was that the counter didn't match the quality of the furniture. I have it pictured with travertine. Well, I was almost ready to jump on this vanity until I noticed the words 'out of stock' underneath the price. I quickly searched all of the other websites I had seen it on and it seemed to be out of stock everywhere. The only place that had it was selling it for over $1000. That was the moment that I realized I was going about this in the wrong way. Sometimes when you try to keep things easy and avoid work you can end up giving yourself more work.

Plan B which should have been plan A is to purchase base cabinets from a company, purchase a sink and faucet, measure for a counter, select and purchase said counter, and select and purchase tile for the floor. Simple right? Oh, and then there is the actual work... The demo and rebuild process. I have got to learn how to install a tile floor at some point. 

Later today I hope to have made some more progress with the remodel selections. So far I am researching Lily Ann (sold here in Birmingham), Ikea, Wood Hollow (located back in my hometown), Brookhaven (cheaper alternative to woodmode), Woodmode (in my mom's kitchen but probably out of price-range), Luxor, and Kraftmaid (sold at home depot and Lowes).

Patrick and I are headed to the big box store later today to look at some of the kraftmade selections. I have looked at their website and have been surprised by the selection. I also found some pictures on the internet.

Of course I would find a picture of green cabinets! haha.. I actually like the style of these cabinets and then I could select a different finish.

The color of the above vanity might look nice.

Isn't that blue/green so pretty? I am starting to think that I don't want stained cabinetry since I am not at all attracted to it when looking at pictures. Of course I have to show you my other kraftmaid find.... A white kitchen!

I am trying to exercise restraint so that I make the right decision. Right now, everything I look at is better than what we have so it is hard not to pick something out on impulse. Wish me luck!


  1. Where is the picture of the white kitchen from? I'd love to know the color of the cabinets.

    1. I pulled all of the pictures from a Kraftmade website that I can't seem to find anymore. They were gallery photos showing off the different looks.