Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Patching drywall part 2

In case you missed the last post about patching drywall. Here is a new one. Remember that hole in the wall courtesy of Hurley's rear end? Let me remind you.

So we fixed the issue and had a drywall patch just chilling out for about a year. Also, I will add that during that year we didn't acquire any new holes. However, about two weeks after I painted we had this...

Which wall? Oh, the same one as before.

The old hole was very close (like two inches to the left) to that outlet. The new hole is just out of camera shot to the left. Seriously about three feet down from the last hole. Did I mention where it came from? Oh, Hurley's rear end. Yep.... again.

So here is how I fix the issue.

Grab a new piece of drywall and measure (well, sort of). Just eyeball it really and make some hash marks like this.

Then cut off the excess drywall from your piece and place it up against the wall to trace it onto the wall. You will then use the lines as a guide to cut out your hole. Yes, a hole this big has to get bigger before it can be fixed.

This is yours truly tracing my drywall piece. Excuse the unwashed hair. I just can't stand to take two showers a day so I tackle projects before my morning shower. Oh, and don't forget to label your drywall piece with an arrow pointing up so that you know which end goes where once complete.

After tracing is complete, use a keyhole saw to cut out an even bigger hole.

Is it making better sense now? Good. Next it is time to develop a way to keep your new piece of drywall from falling through to the inside of your wall. Just use some wood stirrers from your paint store. It works. Grab drywall screws and secure them in place. It will look like this.

Once both ends are secured, you can replace the drywall piece, secure it, and apply mesh tape.

Now you can see in the picture that I chose not to secure my drywall piece with screws. This was because a lot of the backing on the upper side of the hole was damaged from Hurley's hind side. I was worried that if I applied a lot of pressure to secure a screw in it that I would cause more damage. So I guess it works best to assess the situation first.

Next, it is time to apply drywall compound. And while I had the drywall compound out I went ahead and fixed a couple more holes (less substantial ones) that we have also acquired since painting. Apparently freshly painted walls beg to be banged up. Never mind that we went years in this house without such things happening.

Don't be afraid to lay it on thick. It will get sanded and painted 24 hours later.

This hole was caused by the doorknob of our front door. We never realized that there wasn't a doorstop there. I really wish I had noticed before I had painted.

This is another doorknob hole. I seriously don't understand how this never happened in the two years before I painted the house. Don't worry. We are installing door stops.

Because these holes are smaller I just put the drywall compound on them to cover over and we will see how that works. I'll have to update later though because right now everything needs to dry for the next 24 hours.

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