Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I guess it was a little over a year ago now that Patrick brought home a ball for Hurley to be entertained by. It quickly became Hurley's favorite chew toy. This was no ordinary ball. It was rather large, made of a sturdy rubber like material, with a giant rope through the center of it. It wasn't very long before the rope was shredded into little tiny strings strewn about the yard. We threw away the strings and allowed Hurley to keep the ball for continued entertainment. This ball has become a staple to our yard. The placement of the red ball might change from time to time, but it has never left the yard except for one time. Let me take a moment to share that time with you.

One early morning after I'd left for work, Patrick, still dressed in his undershirt and plaid pajama pants, was sipping his morning coffee and gazing out the window as the rain picked up outside. Hurley was still tucked in his comfy crate and so he knew there was no need to rush the bear in from the storm. As he stood there he began to admire the current in the creek that runs through the front yard.

This creek is what we like to call a sometimes stream. In the summer it is almost completely dry except for a few places that collect stagnant water perfect for mosquitoes. When it has either been raining for a few days or when the bottom just completely drops out of the sky, the stream will fill to the brim and move at a fair pace.

Patrick was just beginning to think about how nice it might be to spend the day being lazy when he noticed a colorful bit of movement. What caught his eye was the red ball and it was moving, moving fast. Apparently, the precious toy had been teetering mighty close to the edge of the creek line and we had neglected to move it out of harms way. Patrick sprung into action.

It sounds like something from a movie, I know, but I'm not making this up. Patrick raced outside into the rain on a rescue mission for the red ball. It took some strategy, a few failed attempts, there might have even been a long stick involved, but, about four houses down from us, Patrick finally managed to get the ball in his hands. On the victorious march back home, soaking wet and still wearing pajamas I might add, he couldn't help but think, "Why did I do this?".

When I returned home that night Patrick relayed the whole story to me in much greater detail than I have provided here. I laughed about it, but also thanked him for his heroics. Our bear was quite thankful too. I'm sure of it.

We've had some bad weather here in the past few weeks with a lot of heavy rain. The other morning Patrick and I woke up and made a sad discovery. The red ball was gone. Once again, it had been too close to the edge of the stream. Unfortunately, it was swept away in the middle of the night. We were both very sad for our Hurley bear. He was sad too.

Today, I just had to do something to make it right. I purchased a new ball. It is red just like the old one and even has the rope that isn't going to last long. So why did Patrick chase a dog toy through the rain and why would I go spend an insane amount of money on said toy?  Call us crazy, but we love our dog. He loves us too. I'm sure of it.

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