Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grey Beige

I realize it has been a long time since my last real project. Part of the lack in postings was due to my computer being ill, but guess what? It's back and it's fixed! Jason Sears is my hero. This fall has been flying by and I can't believe how little I've been getting done around the house. I will soon be playing catch up for you and this post is part of that. That's right folks, I'm back and in action again. My current project has involved the following.

Can you guess what it might be? If you guessed painting then you would be right. By the time I'm finished with this house I'm sure I'll qualify as a professional painter. I'm really getting pretty good at it.

The funny thing to me is that after looking at my three paint squares for several months, I didn't even go with any of them when it came time to paint. I chose Olympic Grey Beige. It was on the same swatch as Stonington which is the bottom color in all the pictures. I liked it, but I was afraid that it would be too dark so I went with the next color up which happened to be Grey Beige. I purchased my supplies and by that afternoon, our house looked a little crazy. I always forget about how you have to completely make a mess in order to paint. It just has to look worse before it can get better.

All of the furniture got moved to the center of the room, the light sockets and switch plates were all removed, and the various dents were smoothed away with putty and sandpaper. It took all day long, but I managed to finish the living room, dining room, hallway, get cleaned up, put everything back in its place, and have d-group that night. Told you I was getting good.

I love it. I'm not sure if the difference really comes through on the computer screen. Computers do funny things to colors, but I can tell you that it doesn't give off that yellow hue that bothered me about the old color. It is still neutral, but I think it's a little more moody.

Do you see that? There is still some daylight outside of that window. Okay, I'll stop bragging now...

Now, forgive me, but I'm just going to give a big thank you to my sweet husband, Patrick. Thank you for being patient with my messes, willing to do the grocery shopping when I neglect it, talking sense into me when I try to take on the world, becoming a great cook (for when I'm too spent to do it even though it's my turn), and, best of all, giving really wonderful back rubs at the end of a long day. I love you.


  1. My grey beige seems yellow. Does yours? Maybe will get a sample made and compare. Not the warm color as in the book or paper sample. Wonder if I coulld warm it up with more grey perhaps. To yellow-is your more yellow?

  2. Ours looks grey... I'm sorry yours didn't turn out right. Perhaps your old color is showing through? Also, I used Olympics paint and primer in one to help cover better and applied two coats. Hope that helps!

  3. I'm considering this color, did an online search, and was happy to stumble across your photos.

    Great job!

    Moody is a great word for it. I can definitely tell how it changes in different lights.