Saturday, November 19, 2011

August Fail

I realized today that I never went back and explained my mishap with the project for August. You can read about it here. I started the project by removing the rust from the chairs and table. This required Patrick and I to remove the glass inlay from the table top and set it aside which we did without any problems. I then proceeded with the following.

My tools for the day included steel wool in order to remove excess rust, naval jelly which I brushed on with the paint brush, and then some rust blocking primer. I started with the steel wool and everything still looked good.

I painted on the naval jelly next. This stuff looks to me like pink snot especially when it comes time to rinse it off with water. It also reminded me of neon pink gak. Does anyone else remember that stuff from the 90's? Anyway, once I started thinking about gak, I began to reminisce about other things from back in the day.

It then started to look like it was going to rain so I stopped there before moving on to the priming. The next day is when Patrick discovered a little problem. The glass for the table top had broken into two pieces. We are still not sure how this happened. We are both tempted to blame the bear, but we can't be sure. He probably just whacked it with his enormous tail and there you have it. I'm not saying he did it or anything.... It is just highly likely that it went down that way.

I was faced with a decision. Do I keep going and plan to replace the glass? I decided not. The cost of having to get a piece of glass like that cut to fit our table would just make the whole project not worth it. The table is not worth that much money to me. It was worth the work when we received the table for free, but I didn't want to sink more than $50 into it.

So there you have it. August project gets and F for failure.

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