Saturday, November 19, 2011

August Fail

I realized today that I never went back and explained my mishap with the project for August. You can read about it here. I started the project by removing the rust from the chairs and table. This required Patrick and I to remove the glass inlay from the table top and set it aside which we did without any problems. I then proceeded with the following.

My tools for the day included steel wool in order to remove excess rust, naval jelly which I brushed on with the paint brush, and then some rust blocking primer. I started with the steel wool and everything still looked good.

I painted on the naval jelly next. This stuff looks to me like pink snot especially when it comes time to rinse it off with water. It also reminded me of neon pink gak. Does anyone else remember that stuff from the 90's? Anyway, once I started thinking about gak, I began to reminisce about other things from back in the day.

It then started to look like it was going to rain so I stopped there before moving on to the priming. The next day is when Patrick discovered a little problem. The glass for the table top had broken into two pieces. We are still not sure how this happened. We are both tempted to blame the bear, but we can't be sure. He probably just whacked it with his enormous tail and there you have it. I'm not saying he did it or anything.... It is just highly likely that it went down that way.

I was faced with a decision. Do I keep going and plan to replace the glass? I decided not. The cost of having to get a piece of glass like that cut to fit our table would just make the whole project not worth it. The table is not worth that much money to me. It was worth the work when we received the table for free, but I didn't want to sink more than $50 into it.

So there you have it. August project gets and F for failure.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Grey Beige Part 3

It is finished! I am so happy to have a painted foyer with crisp white crown molding! It's only been a couple of years in the making. Let me remind you all of the before picture.

Then there was several during pictures. This was after some priming.

and now.... drum roll please...

It's a beautiful thing. Now we just have to take care of that door and we might just be finished. Here's another.

Still can't believe that it took 2 years to finish this, but oh well! Slow and steady wins the race.

Dgroup Thanksgiving 2011

Three years ago Patrick and I started a tradition of combining our dgroups for a night to have a Thanksgiving meal. I make the turkey and gravy and the students bring various side dishes. It ends up being a delicious meal. This year was no different except that it was a little bitter sweet for me.

Oh, and not only did I make turkey, but ham as well. That was something new (and yummy).

My girls are now seniors. We find ourselves frequently discussing colleges, acceptance letters, ACT scores, and career choices. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was running around white water with them when they were in seventh grade. How in the world are they about to leave for college in less than a year?! Where did the time go?

It has been a privilege and a joy (and yes, sometimes frustrating) to watch these girls grow in their faith and maturity. The times when I've been frustrated with them are the times that I've learned I need to pray the most (especially for the girl who caused the frustration). I've had to sit back and trust that God is at work even though I may not see it. I've learned to hurt when they hurt (something that, if I'm honest, did not come easily at first). I've also learned how to give "mommy talks" and "mommy looks" as they call it. I feel I have learned so much from walking alongside them the past 6 years.

I guess this is just another lesson in- don't take time for granted. Yes, we have all heard that one and I am so guilty.

Since you can't chew on that deliciousness, chew on this... Take advantage of your time today. This is the time of year that we focus on being thankful, right? Well, show the people around you that you are thankful for them by giving them your time. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grey Beige Part 2

Painting the main living areas of our home required several pieces of equipment that most people don't have hanging around their homes. So last Wednesday I drove downtown to Sunbelt Rentals to pick up bakers scaffolding. Putting the scaffolding together was not that difficult, but figuring out how to maneuver it into various positions was quite comical. Patrick wasn't as amused as I was by the whole scaffolding dance, but it was 7:30am. I woke up ready to go and so I did. I think part of it had to do with my excitement over getting rid of that ugly dark trim in the foyer. Just take a look. We've lived with this for over two years!

I was beyond ready. Especially after finishing the other parts of the main living areas last week with a fresh coat of that grey beige. The foyer just looked drab (not to mention that it had two sets of lovely paint squares as well).

I might have been up bright and early, but it wasn't accomplished without coffee. Patrick caught me in an action shot. Once we got that scaffolding up, I just kept that coffee with me on the platform for a little while.

Another more posed action shot... haha... with coffee still in hand. No, I didn't really roll paint on like that. It was just for your viewing pleasure.

So while more grey beige paint went on the walls, stain blocking oil based primer finally went on the crown molding!

Yes, I used a step ladder on top of scaffolding. I hope that's okay.

It's coming along and looks a ton better already.

I felt like a monkey all day... Or maybe it was like a 5 year old playing on a jungle gym. Yeah, that was it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grey Beige

I realize it has been a long time since my last real project. Part of the lack in postings was due to my computer being ill, but guess what? It's back and it's fixed! Jason Sears is my hero. This fall has been flying by and I can't believe how little I've been getting done around the house. I will soon be playing catch up for you and this post is part of that. That's right folks, I'm back and in action again. My current project has involved the following.

Can you guess what it might be? If you guessed painting then you would be right. By the time I'm finished with this house I'm sure I'll qualify as a professional painter. I'm really getting pretty good at it.

The funny thing to me is that after looking at my three paint squares for several months, I didn't even go with any of them when it came time to paint. I chose Olympic Grey Beige. It was on the same swatch as Stonington which is the bottom color in all the pictures. I liked it, but I was afraid that it would be too dark so I went with the next color up which happened to be Grey Beige. I purchased my supplies and by that afternoon, our house looked a little crazy. I always forget about how you have to completely make a mess in order to paint. It just has to look worse before it can get better.

All of the furniture got moved to the center of the room, the light sockets and switch plates were all removed, and the various dents were smoothed away with putty and sandpaper. It took all day long, but I managed to finish the living room, dining room, hallway, get cleaned up, put everything back in its place, and have d-group that night. Told you I was getting good.

I love it. I'm not sure if the difference really comes through on the computer screen. Computers do funny things to colors, but I can tell you that it doesn't give off that yellow hue that bothered me about the old color. It is still neutral, but I think it's a little more moody.

Do you see that? There is still some daylight outside of that window. Okay, I'll stop bragging now...

Now, forgive me, but I'm just going to give a big thank you to my sweet husband, Patrick. Thank you for being patient with my messes, willing to do the grocery shopping when I neglect it, talking sense into me when I try to take on the world, becoming a great cook (for when I'm too spent to do it even though it's my turn), and, best of all, giving really wonderful back rubs at the end of a long day. I love you.