Friday, October 21, 2011

25 thing update

Remember my "25 things" list? I wrote about it here if you need to get filled in. Anyway, here's an update. If it is in bold with a line through it, then it is complete. If it is in bold without a line, then it is in the process. Those that are left have yet to be done.

1. Take a road-trip.
2. Visit a museum.
3. Dance every day.- so far so good:)
4. Read 12 books.- 5 down 7 to go. Maybe I should have set a higher goal? I think I'm also going to do a little book review for everyone. Anyone else out there loving some new books?
5. Skinny dip.
6. Pick up a new sport/hobby. 
7. Go camping.
8. Sleep under the stars.
9. Go on a wine-tasting tour.
10. Learn new recipes. 
11. Skydive or bungee jump.
12. Spend an entire day in bed.
13. Go on a long hike.
14. Visit the Birmingham Zoo.
15. Have a picnic lunch. 
16. Snowboard.
17. Go rock climbing.
18. Ride a roller coaster.
19. Work on my Spanish.
20. Visit the Coca-Cola factory.
21. Surprise Patrick with something nice.
22. Get a massage.- booked and ready to go
23. Learn to drive a manual.
24. Finally watch Dumb and Dumber.
25. Partake in the ever popular BYOB and painting experience.

Not too bad for three months in, right? 

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