Saturday, September 10, 2011

2 years

Yesterday we celebrated a very special birthday. There was no cake though. Just a peanut butter stuffed kong toy, a good ear scratch, and best of all a new squid toy was all that was needed to make it a great day. That's right, our bear turned 2.
Happy Birthday Hurley!
Born 9/9/09

Hard to believe that we brought him home at around 8lbs and he's now around 150lbs. His favorite toy back then was leaves. He did a lot of sleeping, hiccuping, and eating (we fed him 4 times a day until he was 12 weeks old).

Today he still loves to sleep, hiccups are mostly a thing of the past, he eats twice a day (a total of 9 cups), and he loves his nylabones and outside red ball. We had long since given up on chew toys that could come apart, but decided that because it was his birthday we would indulge. I grabbed my camera to document his love/excitement for his new toy.

He was locked on it was soon as he saw it.
Being a good boy and shaking to earn his gift.
Still waiting...
Got it and very happy.
He went to his favorite spot in the house which happens to be right on top of a vent.

Lots of love.

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