Thursday, August 18, 2011

The lonely table

Last night I decided to re-arrange some furniture. Shocker, I know... Patrick and I have been using this little white chest as a dresser in our bedroom since we moved in, but all along I've known that I wanted it to end up in the dining room. This chest was also gifted to us by my mother (as was the table you may remember) and it too sat in my kitchen growing up. I guess I just thought the table looked lonely without it. It needed its long lost friend to come back. I couldn't stand it anymore so while Patrick was out I made the move.

I think that it looks wonderful in its new home. Plus, I finally found a good place for my favorite lamp. Now I just need to get some pictures in that frame and hang it up on the wall and it will be a much happier little space. I'm also getting close to deciding on curtains, but all that's going to have to come in another post I'm afraid.

So you may be wondering if we have a replacement dresser in our bedroom. The answer is no. Unfortunately the dresser was home to mostly Patrick's clothes. So this is what some of Patrick's clothes are going to look like for a little while. Sorry honey!

Patrick is a really good sport about this kind of thing. I think he enjoys it actually. He never knows what he is going to come home and find:)

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