Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unwelcomed houseguest

While switching over some laundry to the dryer Sunday morning a little movement caught my eye. I followed that brown, beady-eyed movement all the way into my pile of clothes on the floor. My naked feet flew through the air to the carpet and rushed for some coverage. I sure didn't want that thing on my bare feet. Well, I didn't want that thing in my house in the first place, but it made itself welcome and gave me no choice. It was war.

After donning the appropriate footwear, I returned to see where the little creature went. I carefully lifted every piece of clothing off of the floor one-by-one to see if it would scurry away. I held my breath and nothing ever happened. It was very anticlimactic. I'm not sure what I was planning to do when I startled it anyway. Home Team 0...Guest 1.

I then marched drove myself to find the proper equipment. Apparently you can buy a Tomcat or two for this kind of thing for a relatively cheap price. Not a real cat, but this kind.

I placed four of these things in strategic locations throughout the basement. I also went out on a recon mission to see if I could tell where we might have gone wrong in protecting ourselves against such an infiltration.

This is where our bear did not help us out. You know those vents on the side of the house for your dryer? Ours doesn't exist anymore. It's just a hole in the side of our house. Hurley must have discovered it recently and so did our little friend. Perfect.

I went to sleep Sunday night feeling a little grossed out and wondering why on earth these things must happen when my husband is out of town. God has a great sense of humor...

I was secretly hoping it would find its way out, but no such luck. I was met in the morning by victory. Tomcat doesn't mess around.

There it is... our little intruder. I know it is kind of disgusting but if I had to look at it then you can too. Perhaps you need a closer look.

Now here is the shock that I wasn't ready for... It was still alive when I took this picture. I thought that sticky stuff had some kind of poison in it that would kill it, but I was wrong. I don't feel it proper to throw away a living animal so what in the heck am I supposed to do with it? Ugh! Hurley and Tomcat have failed me.


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