Monday, July 4, 2011

Closet Cleanup

Why must I start a random project two hours after Patrick walks out the door for a trip? I had a clean bedroom when he left and then a few hours later it looked like this...

Oh that's just the beginning.

I counted 9 winter coats, over 50 pairs of shoes, 12 plastic drawers full of shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, long sleeve T's, PJ's, costumes (no, not that kind... we work with youth people). I also counted 2 suits, 15 pairs of dress pants, over 30 dresses, 7 sets of scrubs, and several bins full of random stuff. For someone who likes to think of herself as a minimalist, I was appalled at myself. It was way past time to downsize and donate. Let me just show you what this disaster looked like.

This is Patrick's side of the closet. He was nice enough to label his plastic drawers so that I would know where to put what type of shirt.

My side of the closet where shoes were beginning to pile up. Notice that they were even stuffed on top of that plastic drawer system. I counted 4 pairs shoved back in there.

Speaking of shoes, they were everywhere... Can you see the convenience of Patrick's shoe storage? Think shoe avalanche for your head. Well, I had experienced enough and so I began unloading everything into the room behind me. It might have even overflowed to the office floor. Then I developed a system. It was either keep, throw away, or donate. It was also about making sure everything had its space and that there was a space for everything.

Unfortunately we have very little closet space in this home. It is something that Patrick and I overlooked because the house was practically empty when we looked at it. There were a few random pieces of furniture left from the owners, but the house had not been lived in for a little over a year. We have three closets- one for each bedroom upstairs. The largest closet in the entire house actually belongs to the 4th bedroom in the basement which is a total bummer because we don't even count it as a bedroom because there is no bathroom down there yet.

I had no choice but to work my magic. Hope Patrick is pleased when he gets home.

Maybe having limited closet space isn't such a bad thing. It will definitely keep us from holding onto and cluttering our house with unimportant things. It also forces us to think carefully about what to bring into our home.

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