Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Devastation brings with it perspective.

I arrived home from the beach last Thursday evening (the day after all the tornadoes) with a heavy heart. I ached for people who were suffering and had lost so much. When I made it home, I did what anyone would do after hours spent in the car- I ran to answer natures call. When I flushed the toilet I took notice of its odd sound and then I went to wash my hands. I lifted the knob... nothing. No water. At this point I could hear Patrick walking into the bedroom saying, "I know." I came out to see him half sitting and half standing against the edge of our bed looking at me with a guilty face. He said, "I have some bad news."

Apparently, while Patrick was trying to pull out the root system from a stump in our front yard he managed to hit our water main with a pick axe. Yes, this is the same water main that we paid $1500 to replace back in January.

In light of everything that had happened during the 24 hours leading up to that point, I took his face in my hands and told him it was okay. I was so thankful to have a home with a roof, power, and him safe in my arms that it didn't matter one bit that we didn't have water.

With no water and nothing to eat, we headed out to our usual Thursday night mexican dinner restaurant (yes, we eat mexican every Thursday- don't hate). I was shocked when 3 miles down the road we came upon a neighborhood with extensive damage from trees. Power lines were down everywhere, trees had gone through houses, several homes no longer had roofs. As we slowly made our way through that area I noticed one couple standing in their front yard looking as though they didn't know where to start. A huge tree appeared as though it had sliced their roof in half and two cars sat in the driveway smashed in by another tree. More perspective...

At that point I felt even luckier to have my husband and best friend sitting next to me in the car. In that moment, I felt sick. I was on my way to dinner while these people (and many others for that matter) where trying to pick up the pieces.

In reality, there wasn't really anything I could have done right then to help any of those families. However, right now is a different story. I know that I have been all about this "a project a month" goal but, in light of what has happened, my plans have changed. It just seems silly for me to work or worry with a little house project when so many people are without a home all around me. My project for the month are those people.

I plan to take this new perspective and do something with it.

**Patrick was able to fix the water main the very next day for around $10 thanks to an awesome friend and youth volunteer who gave him instruction and told him what supplies to buy. Counting our many blessings today. God is so good.**

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