Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Waiting Game

I came home from work this evening to find this.

Upon closer inspection, I read the following.

We are currently waiting on two different packages to arrive (our grow box and my high impact sports bras that I hope will make running more enjoyable). I guess Patrick had to leave the house today and came up with this plan. We have lived and learned big time on this one. Hurley seems to think opening packages before we can get to them is a game. He also appreciates ripping whatever is contained in the package into little pieces (RIP: Gap dress and internet router).

Our regular delivery man knows not to leave packages at the front door, but occasionally they send someone different who just doesn't seem to understand our little notes. Patrick came home one time while a delivery was in process and watched as a new guy who, using a plastic grocery bag, tried to tie a box to our door knocker. Patrick explained to the guy that, while we appreciate the effort, our dog is quite capable of retrieving that item. UPS is now to the point where they require a signature on everything they deliver to us, but we still get really nervous about shipments. Hopefully all goes well this time!

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