Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Operation Doorknobs

March Project
(fixing the brass from the past)

I've seen this done several places and decided it was worth a shot. If it fails, then it fails and I won't shed a tear because I don't like our current knobs anyway. Remember when I posted that sneak peek way back when? You can read about that here. Anyway, my project for March involved more than just painting a door to help us in our quest to finish painting all of the trim in this house. I decided to break out the spray paint yet again (are you really surprised?). That's right, I've started painting the doorknobs! Probably a massive mistake, but I will get to that in a minute. Without further delay, here is the finished March project.

This is our hall bathroom door.
This was before any paint.
Lovely, huh?
We had to leave the door this way because our home needed at least one private bathroom for our guests while our master bathroom door was being painted. Then we finished our bathroom door, rehung it, and were too sick of painting doors and hanging them that we delayed for about a year on this project.

Close up of our painted doorknob
Once again, I used rustoleum oil rubbed bronze. I had used two coats and then I also used a clear sealant. I'm hoping that by using the sealant, the knobs will last longer. However, I'm pretty sure they will chip eventually. The question is how long will that be. About two days after painting my knob I read this from 321 Sycamore. I wished so badly that she had posted that a couple of days sooner because I probably would have scrapped the whole project. Oh well, you live and learn.

Good luck little guy!

Matching doors!!!
Sorry about the picture quality. My camera battery was dying and I was too impatient to charge it. Now we are completely finished with all upstairs doors. The only dark trim left is in the foyer. Ten doors complete and only 6 more to go (all in the basement). Progress is slow but sweet.


  1. looks great! i spray painted all of my doorknobs once and regretted it. they didn't chip; they... how do i describe it... oozed (?) off. it was so gross. the paint was almost gummy. i probably didn't use the right kind of paint - it sounds like you did. but i would hold off on the basement knobs til you see how these hold up :)

  2. that comment was by me :)

  3. Thanks Carrie:)... I plan to heed that warning and wait before I spray any others. Oozing sounds pretty bad... Hopefully that won't happen!