Sunday, April 3, 2011


I'm still here... reconnecting with the world around me. March was an unexpected busy month. It started slow but now I can't believe it's April.  I feel behind on a lot of things right now. We just got back in town from a conference for people in youth ministry. Because of this (and 5 days of stomach bug), the project for March is not finished and it looks like it will be Wednesday before I have the time to even think about it. The office is a mess. There is a strange odor coming from my kitchen sink that I haven't really looked into. The dishes are in the way. There are holes in the wall of our bathroom (I will save that story for later). Laundry is piled up, paint projects surround me, two 12 hour shifts are ahead of me, I don't have clean scrubs, our bed isn't made, Hurley hair is visible in clumps on our kitchen floor, and I am at peace. Peace reigns in the midst of chaos that is life... God is good.

I'm now late for worship at the youth house. The messy house can wait a couple more hours, right? Well, I promise that I will eventually get things in some type of order and have project updates available soon.

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