Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Operation Doorknobs

March Project
(fixing the brass from the past)

I've seen this done several places and decided it was worth a shot. If it fails, then it fails and I won't shed a tear because I don't like our current knobs anyway. Remember when I posted that sneak peek way back when? You can read about that here. Anyway, my project for March involved more than just painting a door to help us in our quest to finish painting all of the trim in this house. I decided to break out the spray paint yet again (are you really surprised?). That's right, I've started painting the doorknobs! Probably a massive mistake, but I will get to that in a minute. Without further delay, here is the finished March project.

This is our hall bathroom door.
This was before any paint.
Lovely, huh?
We had to leave the door this way because our home needed at least one private bathroom for our guests while our master bathroom door was being painted. Then we finished our bathroom door, rehung it, and were too sick of painting doors and hanging them that we delayed for about a year on this project.

Close up of our painted doorknob
Once again, I used rustoleum oil rubbed bronze. I had used two coats and then I also used a clear sealant. I'm hoping that by using the sealant, the knobs will last longer. However, I'm pretty sure they will chip eventually. The question is how long will that be. About two days after painting my knob I read this from 321 Sycamore. I wished so badly that she had posted that a couple of days sooner because I probably would have scrapped the whole project. Oh well, you live and learn.

Good luck little guy!

Matching doors!!!
Sorry about the picture quality. My camera battery was dying and I was too impatient to charge it. Now we are completely finished with all upstairs doors. The only dark trim left is in the foyer. Ten doors complete and only 6 more to go (all in the basement). Progress is slow but sweet.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Waiting Game

I came home from work this evening to find this.

Upon closer inspection, I read the following.

We are currently waiting on two different packages to arrive (our grow box and my high impact sports bras that I hope will make running more enjoyable). I guess Patrick had to leave the house today and came up with this plan. We have lived and learned big time on this one. Hurley seems to think opening packages before we can get to them is a game. He also appreciates ripping whatever is contained in the package into little pieces (RIP: Gap dress and internet router).

Our regular delivery man knows not to leave packages at the front door, but occasionally they send someone different who just doesn't seem to understand our little notes. Patrick came home one time while a delivery was in process and watched as a new guy who, using a plastic grocery bag, tried to tie a box to our door knocker. Patrick explained to the guy that, while we appreciate the effort, our dog is quite capable of retrieving that item. UPS is now to the point where they require a signature on everything they deliver to us, but we still get really nervous about shipments. Hopefully all goes well this time!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Sneak Peek

I'm a little behind. So here is a peek at me catching up/finishing the March project and getting started on April's project.

March Project.
Spray paint is quickly becoming my best friend in cheap home renovation.

Round 2 of farming 101 (I sort of failed last year).
Things I learned last year. 1) Water is an essential component of plant growth. 2) Spacing does matter. This year, I am watering and planting correctly.... I think.

Happy Zucchini (ignore the mint that hasn't been planted yet).
The herb section of the garden.
Jalapeno (the only success story from last year's crop)
There is a little more on the way, but so far this is what we've accomplished. We actually have a Grow Box on its way. I stumbled upon their website a few days ago and decided to go for it. I'll update you on that when it has arrived. In the meantime, you can read about it here.

Hurley just wanted to say hi.
It feels so good to be up and about with a stomach that functions properly. Not to mention, this weather is amazing! Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wild Wednesday

I got this crazy burst of energy Wednesday that I am still baffled by. My morning started at the gym and ended at 11:00pm with furniture rearranging. I managed to squeeze 3.5 miles, ab ripper X, Lowes shopping, garden moving (no small task), crop planting, d-group, cooking dinner, and rearranging our master bedroom furniture all in one day. Right now I'm just going to focus on the last part of the day. Let me show you.

Do you remember how our room used to look something like this?

Well now it looks more like this.

I've been contemplating making this change for about a year now and finally decided that it was time. I have no idea why this decision had to come at 10:00pm when Patrick was at rehearsal and I had to work the next day, but it did. Needless to say, Patrick was a little surprised to come home and find our bedroom completely turned around. The strange thing is that the room feels more centered and a lot bigger now. Just look at the space that we've stumbled upon.

Just so you have a point of reference. That door is our bathroom and I was standing in front of our closet door when I took this picture.

Above is the wall that our bed used to sit against. We're now thinking that it'd be awesome to get some seating in here. From the day we moved in Patrick talked about wanting to at least have a chair in the bedroom. Before making these changes, our space didn't allow for it. Now, he just might get his wish.

Just another view so you can see what I'm talking about. And yes, that is Patrick's side of the bed you're looking at (just in case you noticed the Auburn coaster). Well, hopefully I can figure out how to find that random energy again this week. I've got more projects to finish and plenty that are begging me to get started on.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I'm still here... reconnecting with the world around me. March was an unexpected busy month. It started slow but now I can't believe it's April.  I feel behind on a lot of things right now. We just got back in town from a conference for people in youth ministry. Because of this (and 5 days of stomach bug), the project for March is not finished and it looks like it will be Wednesday before I have the time to even think about it. The office is a mess. There is a strange odor coming from my kitchen sink that I haven't really looked into. The dishes are in the way. There are holes in the wall of our bathroom (I will save that story for later). Laundry is piled up, paint projects surround me, two 12 hour shifts are ahead of me, I don't have clean scrubs, our bed isn't made, Hurley hair is visible in clumps on our kitchen floor, and I am at peace. Peace reigns in the midst of chaos that is life... God is good.

I'm now late for worship at the youth house. The messy house can wait a couple more hours, right? Well, I promise that I will eventually get things in some type of order and have project updates available soon.