Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paint Samples

I had Patrick go with me to Lowes last night so that we could buy three samples of paint to try out on the walls. Sometimes those little color swatches aren't good enough. We purchased samples sold by Olympic. They are approximately 8oz each which is plenty to put up test squares.

About $2.50 each
So here are the paint colors up on the walls. I painted the test squares in 5 different places throughout the main living areas of the house. I want to be able to look at the paint in different lighting. It is interesting how paint colors will look in natural versus artificial light. Oh, just so you know, I feathered out the edges of each square so that they will cover up nicely when the right color is picked.

next to the door leading into the kitchen

They are in the following order from top to bottom, swoosh by Valspar (color matched to Olympic), ashen, and stonington (both Olympic).

The end of the upstairs hallway.
When the lady at Lowes placed the cans in front of us with the little dots on top, Patrick looked at me and said, "They're all the same." Now I find that funny because these colors are so different from each other. However, they can look the same when all you have is a little dot of it to look at and compare. I am thinking that swoosh is in fact too green. Ashen and Stonington are just different. They're both pretty, but they're not in the same color family. For now, we are just going to live with these colors and see which one comes out as the winner. I have my favorite though. Do you?

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