Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cabinet Hardware

I bought new hardware for the kitchen cabinets a few days ago and some of it arrived yesterday while I was at work. So there I was sipping my coffee this morning when I thought... "why not?"  I abandoned my coffee on the kitchen table and got to work.

This is what I was staring at while I drank my coffee.
The result.
After I finished this small transformation I got to thinking about the current hardware on our cabinets. It's a little strange and very tarnished. Here is a close up of one.

I'm not really sure what the extra base piece is for. I wondered if it was even necessary. So I re-heated my coffee, the sipping continued, I looked at what I'd done and pondered a little bit more. A few seconds later I was at it again.

The object of my pondering.
The result.
Do you see the difference? I should have taken those things off months ago. I'll show you a close up.

So then I thought a little about spray paint. I've done some fun stuff with that before. Maybe the current hardware isn't so bad after all. Don't worry, I didn't jump into that project right away. I'm now trying to decide if I like what I have or if I like this better.

Keep in mind, the cabinets will be painted eventually.
More pictures of the new stuff.
I think that the new hardware is pretty and I got a good deal on it. I'm just trying to keep this kitchen transformation budget to a minimum. I would also be very worried that spray painted hardware would not hold up and if I stick with my new hardware then I don't have to worry about it. I will say this though... Those little base pieces to the current hardware are going bye bye. I wasn't planning to use the new hardware until the cabinets are painted. I just couldn't resist playing with it.

Okay... time to re-heat the coffee again.

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