Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To paint or not to paint...

When I finally finished painting the trim in the kitchen I stood back and felt like everything was brighter. That feeling left when I turned around and took a look at the cabinets. So now I am faced with a very difficult question. Should I bother with painting them?

Patrick and I really want to knock down the wall that separates our kitchen from the dining room and family room, but that is going to take hiring a little help which we all know requires money. Part of me thinks we should save our time and money and be patient. Another part of me is sick of looking at our dark kitchen and longs for a quick fix. So I have been researching the process and thinking about what I would want if I decide to venture down this road of painting kitchen cabinets. Let me refresh your memory on what our current situation looks like.

You see my dilemma, right? I'll admit, it's not fun looking at that every day. It's kind of depressing actually. So the search/decision making process is on. What color would I paint my cabinets? As you may know, I love white kitchens. They are beautiful, clean, and speak to my soul. Am I going overboard?

White is beautiful, but I'm not sure it would work for our current kitchen. It makes me sad, but I'm considering doing something a little more colorful. I might even say that it's a risk. I figure, it's a temporary fix anyway so I should have some fun with it. Now, I don't want to go completely overboard just in case we have to sell for some reason. I would hate to pick something so taste specific that it would scare potential buyers away. However, I'm thinking about doing something similar to some of the following pictures. Now, these are in no particular order nor would I be picking these exact colors. I'm just getting the wheels turning.

The above kitchen has a subtle two tone gray going on. Surprisingly, I like it. Not sure if it's for me though.

Now, this kitchen has one of my favorite colors (green) on the base cabinets, but I love how they mixed it up with some creamy white upper cabinets so that it's not too overwhelming. A nice touch I think.

Now this would be taking a risk and I'm pretty sure would go in the too taste specific category. However, I must say that for someone who is craving color, it is so tempting to go in this direction and have fun with it.

This actually came from one of my favorite blogs, Life in Grace. Once again, there is a mixture between colored base cabinets with white upper.

Then, there is always the option of keeping it all the same with a nice toned down color like the picture above. This is probably the direction I would go if you made me paint my cabinets today. It's simple and more sophisticated I think. The rest of our house doesn't really fit with the shabby chic vibe of some of the other kitchens I have pictured. I am going to have to think on this one for a while.
In the meantime, here are some other kitchens that caught my eye.

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