Monday, February 28, 2011

More on paint colors

I decided to google image some of the colors I've been contemplating and look at what I found.

A dining room painted with Stonington (by olympic). 

A dining room painted swoosh (by valspar). It is the top color in the picture below.

Maybe this will help me decide. I have been worried that swoosh looks too green, but it doesn't appear to be in the room above. I have also wondered if stonington is too dark but I don't think it is. I think it is just hard because most things are darker than what is currently on the walls.

Color Conundrum

While painting trim has been a lot of fun (do you hear the sarcasm?), it is nearing the time when we move on to fun stuff like painting walls. I'm struggling to figure this one out though. I've been looking at paint swatch after paint swatch and what I like changes every day. This has not been a comforting feeling. This is what my walls have been looking like for the past few days.

I know... I just started grabbing whatever I wanted. They are all colors from Lowes so they are either valspar or olympic. I've placed these little swatches in different areas of the house so that I can look at them in different rooms and different light throughout the day. It didn't take long for a few colors to emerge as my favorites.

But the next day, the favorites were a little different. However, the color second from the bottom has remained in the top four to five favorites at all times. I think this is because it is most similar to what I currently have on the walls. The one at the top has also stayed in the running from day 1. I have since fallen out of love with the color on the bottom. I decided it was too dark to slap all over the main living areas of the house. So as of right now these are the favorites...

Here they are again  so you can see more of the contrast from the white trim.

From top to bottom:
- Swoosh (valspar)
- Natural (valspar)
- Stonington (olympic)
- Ashen (olympic)

 So tell me what you think. Which one is your favorite?

**You've probably noticed that I've been playing around with the blog a bit lately. I just got bored with the old layout and color combo. Please be patient while I figure out what I like.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another way to update kitchen cabinets

Alright, I've discovered another way I can update the kitchen. It still involves paint (of course).

RustOleum has launched a new product called cabinet transformations which is a do-it-yourself cabinet refinishing system. I first read about this product when Kate from Centsational Girl posted about it here. Each kit comes with all of the supplies necessary to transform your kitchen cabinets from old and outdated to new and fresh. Best news from the whole thing is that they claim you can do this transformation without sanding! That was music to my ears (well eyeballs...). The biggest plus I have gathered from this product is that it significantly cuts down on the time it takes to paint cabinets. Not to mention the results look pretty fabulous.

Just look at the results that a customer submitted as a testimonial.

They offer a wide selection of colors (35 base colors) with the option to use a glaze (bringing the total to 70. Yes, I can count). Every kit comes with the glaze and it is your choice on whether or not to use it.

I am not going to tell you my plans on whether or not to go for this product and honestly I don't know at this point anyway. It hasn't been out for very long and so there are not many reviews available. I may need to stick with the old fashioned cleaning, sanding, oil based primer and several coats of paint. However, I thought I'd share the discovery with you.

PS- they also have a product for countertops. It doesn't look like it's as good of a deal, but you can read about it on their website here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February Project

This months project has been another installment on what is becoming the foyer renovation. I wanted to brighten up the area that we use to enter into our home. What better way to do that than with some paint, a rug, and a throw pillow. Let me show you.

It is still a work in progress, but it looks a lot better than it did. Unfortunately, I have no true before picture to show you. Those pictures went away with my old laptop.

Christmas present from my mom and dad Dec 25th, 2008.
I love our old church pew. It fits perfectly in the tight space under the stairs.

Sorry again about the before picture. I'll have to work on recovering the old pictures of our house back when it was untouched by our handy work.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To paint or not to paint...

When I finally finished painting the trim in the kitchen I stood back and felt like everything was brighter. That feeling left when I turned around and took a look at the cabinets. So now I am faced with a very difficult question. Should I bother with painting them?

Patrick and I really want to knock down the wall that separates our kitchen from the dining room and family room, but that is going to take hiring a little help which we all know requires money. Part of me thinks we should save our time and money and be patient. Another part of me is sick of looking at our dark kitchen and longs for a quick fix. So I have been researching the process and thinking about what I would want if I decide to venture down this road of painting kitchen cabinets. Let me refresh your memory on what our current situation looks like.

You see my dilemma, right? I'll admit, it's not fun looking at that every day. It's kind of depressing actually. So the search/decision making process is on. What color would I paint my cabinets? As you may know, I love white kitchens. They are beautiful, clean, and speak to my soul. Am I going overboard?

White is beautiful, but I'm not sure it would work for our current kitchen. It makes me sad, but I'm considering doing something a little more colorful. I might even say that it's a risk. I figure, it's a temporary fix anyway so I should have some fun with it. Now, I don't want to go completely overboard just in case we have to sell for some reason. I would hate to pick something so taste specific that it would scare potential buyers away. However, I'm thinking about doing something similar to some of the following pictures. Now, these are in no particular order nor would I be picking these exact colors. I'm just getting the wheels turning.

The above kitchen has a subtle two tone gray going on. Surprisingly, I like it. Not sure if it's for me though.

Now, this kitchen has one of my favorite colors (green) on the base cabinets, but I love how they mixed it up with some creamy white upper cabinets so that it's not too overwhelming. A nice touch I think.

Now this would be taking a risk and I'm pretty sure would go in the too taste specific category. However, I must say that for someone who is craving color, it is so tempting to go in this direction and have fun with it.

This actually came from one of my favorite blogs, Life in Grace. Once again, there is a mixture between colored base cabinets with white upper.

Then, there is always the option of keeping it all the same with a nice toned down color like the picture above. This is probably the direction I would go if you made me paint my cabinets today. It's simple and more sophisticated I think. The rest of our house doesn't really fit with the shabby chic vibe of some of the other kitchens I have pictured. I am going to have to think on this one for a while.
In the meantime, here are some other kitchens that caught my eye.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Sneak Peek

So here's what I've been up to lately...

Removed some doors.
Painting those doors.
And showing of my messy closet...
Hopefully I will continue to stay on this productive streak. You are probably sick of reading about me painting trim, but there is a lot of it to be painted! However, I am sorry. Please stick with me.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trim, trim, and more trim

I finished painting the trim in the kitchen. After two weeks I finally got tired of the blue highlighted effect from the painters tape and pulled the paint out of the garage. Once again, I used all oil based primer and paint. I have a love/hate relationship with it, but feel that the pros (like the paint actually lasting) far outweigh the cons (such as the cleanup process and fumes).

Before and afters...

Hurley used to sleep under that desk...
The highlighter effect.
Priming behind the fridge.
My supplies.
The finished work.
It looks so much brighter.
So glad to check this off my list.
Now, on to the next project that I have sort of already started. Let's just say that it's back to the foyer:)