Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year with New Projects

Let me take a moment to say happy new year! I've enjoyed a nice break during the holidays and now it's time for me to get my rear in gear. I've been looking around the house and noticing a lot of things that still need to be done (I don't think you're ever actually done anyway when you own a home). Most people make new year's resolutions this time of year that pertain to themselves. While I think it's great to try and lose a few extra holiday lbs, commit to reading more, or whatever else people come up with, I decided my new year's resolution would pertain to the house. Plus, so many people ask me "What's next?" and I usually have no clue. This helps give us all a heads up (myself included). Here are 12 little things I plan to accomplish this year.... and I will admit that it is kind of scary to put it in writing and make it so official.

1. Finish painting the trim in the entire house. If you know me at all then you're probably laughing at this. This project needs to be finished this year. It actually should have been finished two years ago when it started. We've come a long way from this picture, but I'm ready to finish it all completely. We are currently lacking paint on the kitchen trim, hall bathroom trim, front door, back door, and basement doors. Not too much, right?

2. Update the light fixture in the foyer. I've been wanting to do this ever since I successfully updated our dining room light fixture which you can read about here. I'm planning to finish it exactly the same way so the two match. It is just going to take me getting some help from my loving husband and obtaining a tall enough ladder to reach it.

3. Put up crown molding in the master bedroom. I have no experience with this type of project, but I'm willing to give it a try. All I know is that I like crown molding. Will I like what I'm able to do with it? Who knows...

4. Renovate the hall bathroom. Out of everything, this project scares me the most. Patrick and I have picked this particular bathroom to start with because we think it requires the least amount of work compared to the other two (one of which consists of concrete and pipes in the ground). Our hall bathroom really only needs new tile, a new vanity, and new lighting. The tub/shower combo and toilet can stay.

5. Install a new light fixture for the kitchen. There is no saving our current light fixture. It just needs to go away completely. This means, saving up some dough for a new one. I'm not really sure what direction to go in. I've contemplated looking for something a little different. Our kitchen feels so separate from the living room and dining room so I think I should make it into a fun/interesting place. I'm hoping to use my roman shades (pictured on the left) from World Market as a jumping off point.

6. Purchase a new table for the kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, did I mention that we've broken a chair to our kitchen table? I'm not really sure when it occurred, but when I went to move one of the chairs by lifting from the back, it completely separated from it's base. We're thinking of purchasing a counter height table so that it allows for more prep space.

7. Paint the kitchen. Using those shades as my inspiration, I plan to choose a color that is bright and cheery. Not headache inducing though.

8. Paint the walls in the main living areas. Can't believe I almost forgot about this. You'd think I'd remember since we have a drywall patch staring us in the face every day thanks to our bear. Catch that story here and here. We will definitely be going in a neutral direction. I have a few colors picked out to sample.

9. Make curtains for the dining room. This is the first thing I plan on doing once the walls are painted. I put off doing it before now because we don't really have a privacy issue through those windows. It's all woods. We can make out a little corner of our neighbors house in the winter. I have no idea what I want so I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

10. Install a ceiling fan in the master bedroom. This is more for Patrick than for me. The man is a heater at night. He needs his fan. Hopefully, we can find one and get it installed before the summer heat hits.

11. Purchase bedroom furniture. Like our bathroom reno, this is another biggie we need to save up for. We have a matching problem in our current master bedroom. Our bed and bedside tables match but the dressers don't. We plan to purchase an new dresser and possibly an armoire.
12. Organize/finish the office. The office tends to be where I throw "stuff". Not sure if other people have a room that tends to collect stuff, but I definitely need to fix this. I need to somehow organize the closet that contains wrapping paper, boxes, bags, scrapbook material, paint, paintbrushes, and all other things crafty. I'd love to find a chair that is comfortable to sit and read in. I'm also thinking that we need a new bookcase. Our current one went to college with my dad and has seen better days. Once upon a time I had a vision for this room in our house and somewhere along the way I got sidetracked. It's half finished, but maybe it won't be by the end of the year.

So there it is... Looks like a lot doesn't it? I have 12 months though!

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