Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anniversary Trip 2011

Let me just say that we had a blast on our Trip to Orlando last weekend. After sleeping on the floor of a labor room at the hospital for a couple of days due to the snow/ice storm, I was more ready than ever to get the heck out of dodge and have some fun. What better way to celebrate than with a trip to Disney World?

My home away from home.
So here is a quick picture tour of the trip.

Day 1
Our first pit stop was Auburn where we took pleasure in  rolling Toomer's corner.

One happy husband.
One giddy wife.
One very excited couple.
Kind of pretty isn't it?
Once we arrived in Orlando and unpacked, we took off for Downtown Disney.

I found Nemo!
and a pirate that looks a lot like my husband.
Day 2
We were off to Disney Hollywood Studios.

The excitement was unbearable.

As we stood in line, I managed to volunteer Patrick for a little something...

Patrick preparing to sing for the American Idol Experience.
Singing happy birthday to Sharon (a lady we met while waiting).
He was a good sport about it.

Rock'n'Roller Coaster. Did I mention it was Auburn attire day?
Backlot Tour. We must have gotten at least 30 "War eagles!" that day.
Jedi training.
Second park for day 2.
The back of Patrick's head on main street.
We were having fun.
Four fastpass tickets.
I agreed to swap seats with two little kids so they could sit in the front of Thunder Mountain. We took row 3 instead. At the end of the ride, the dad turned around and gifted us with four fastpasses. It pays to be nice!

Blurry shot of us whirling through the many adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Getting ready for the Wishes fireworks.
The castle changed colors all night.
Electrical Parade. Yes, this is all day 2.

Day 3
We started off our day at Animal Kingdom.
I didn't take pictures of it, but Everest was awesome. We did it twice.

I was determined to take a picture of every park entrance sign.
Dinosaur. Love the face I am making.
Pooh and I like to dance.
Park 4, day 3.
haha...We look rough... This was at the end of the day in Italy.
I laugh as I look back on this day because we were so exhausted from our two late nights. I didn't take as many pictures. However, we did ride Soarin and it wasn't worth the 90min wait (there were no fastpasses by the time we got there). I fell asleep a couple of times while we waited. The line only moved every 30 minutes so I just sat down and fell asleep every time. Mission space and fast track were the only other rides we did at Epcot. This day was our "anniversary pin day" We wore the pins you can see Patrick wearing in the picture above. It felt like a little extra Disney magic because everywhere we went people congratulated us and wished us well.

Day 4
Universal Islands of Adventure

Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
It poured down raining, but we pressed on.
The sorting hat gives directions about the ride.
Day 5
Needing a vacation from our vacation:)

Some highlights of the trip:
- Stopping in Auburn
- Seeing Patrick look like a five year old on so many rides
- Obtaining 4 fastpasses at Magic Kingdom for being nice
- Fireworks at Magic Kingdom
- Riding Everest twice
- Riding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey 3 times
- Drinking Butterbear
- Riding the Hulk in the Rain and laughing so hard we were just about crying.
- Dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel in Epcot where we watched Illuminations

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