Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa came early

If you've ever been a young couple without kids then you probably know what it's like to feel pulled in many directions during the holidays. It's hard to juggle time between my family, his family, grandparents, and time together. Being a nurse, it's never a guarantee that I will be available on Thanksgiving or even Christmas day. That's right, people still get sick and babies come whenever they feel like it. Now, please don't hear me complaining. I love my job and I knew what I was getting into. I grew up watching my dad, an obstetrician gynecologist, do the exact same thing.

Thankfully, Patrick and I are blessed with very understanding parents. Patrick and I didn't make it home to see my family during Thanksgiving and my mom hasn't complained to me once. Last year, I worked Christmas day and so Patrick's parents came over the day after to celebrate "Christmas morning" all over again.

Whatever the circumstances are, Patrick and I make sure that we get time to open our presents in front of our tree with just the two of us. We have come to cherish it. This year was no different. We exchanged gifts this morning.  

Hurley and his sore paws that we've bandaged.
The mess we made.
 Now, for even more exciting news...

There are elves working in my garage! I'll show you their work later so check back!

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