Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Project

December's project was less renovation and more crafty. I've seen chalkboard paint used in combination with magnetic paint several times and thought I'd have a go at it. Instead of putting it on the walls I decided to put it in frames that can move around if need be. Here is my desk area before the craftiness was underway.

As you can see, the area above the desk was pretty bare. I'd been wanting a place to put little memos and photos. So here is how I did it.

Ugly, right?
I found this guy and his partner at home goods on sale. Can you believe nobody wanted it at full price? It was originally $50.

Next it was time to use my knife to remove the paper backing. Then I could take the art out, throw it away, and be left with the frames and glass.

I decided to start with painting the frames. I used red enamel spray paint. I think it's actually for model cars. It worked though!

I intentionally wanted some of the black from the frames to come through. While my first coat dried I went inside to cut out some cork board and begin applying it to the glass from one of the frames. I placed the glass on top of the cork and then traced around it with my knife so that I would have a piece that fit perfectly.

My mugs were holding down the cork board because it kept wanting to roll back up. I then used household cement to hold the two pieces (glass and cork) together.

The directions said to apply it to each piece and then allow it to sit for 10 minutes prior to putting them together. It worked pretty well. I did, however, push them together and then place some heavy books on top of them. That is why the cook book and phone book were on the table. I then went back to the garage to work on the magnetic chalkboard.

That was the first coat of magnetic spray paint. I followed directions and applied thin coats about 30 minutes apart from each other. Next was the chalkboard paint. I started this about 4 hours after the magnetic paint was finished.

My drop cloth was a mess at this point! The chalkboard spray paint went on a lot easier it seemed. I applied two coats about 1 hour apart from each other. While it was drying, I grabbed one of the red frames to put it together with the cork board.

Then after the magnetic chalkboard dried, I did the same with it. Here is the finished product. I'm sad to say that I'm not sure how long the chalkboard will last. I accidentally stepped on it (tripped over wrapping paper all over the office floor) and it cracked a little. You can only tell if you get up really close but it may have be replaced soon. 

Here is a list of supplies:

- a cork roll
- a knife
- a frame (or two)
- spray paint (color of choice for the frame)
- magnetic spray paint
- chalkboard spray paint
- household cement

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