Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Cards

I was very close to forgoing Christmas cards this year. I wasn't trying to be a scrooge, just economical. Patrick and I have been number crunching and doing our best to stick to our budget. We have a rather expensive anniversary trip coming up. Plus, we always spend too much during the holiday season. I thought my plan of ditching the cards would help keep the season in perspective. Well, I caved. When I began to receive Christmas cards in the mail I realized that it's not about money. It is taking a moment to let friends and family know that you love them and appreciate their love and support each year even if you don't get to see them the whole year through. I think there are other ways Patrick and I can learn to cut back and recognize Christ as being the reason for celebrating. I'll post more on that later though...

We had a very last minute picture taken. (Like, Aubrie was on her way out of our house with her keys in hand when I asked her to snap a couple photos of us in front of our tree.) I then got on shutterfly and ordered the cards later that same day. Now I'm trying to get them all in the mail on time. It hasn't been a horrible experience like some make it out to be. Hunting down new addresses can take some time though!

To all of our blogosphere friends/family, Merry Christmas!


  1. You have such pretty eyes...oh genetics!! why did thou skippest me!

  2. Caroline-- You're a mess. Just like your sister. That genetic trait definitely didn't skip you!