Monday, November 15, 2010

Patching Drywall

I got to leave work early on Thursday and figured Patrick and I could go ahead and patch the hole in the wall. It was actually a very easy process. For those of you who didn't see before, I'm talking about this hole right here. You'll also notice the culprit lounging right next to it.

First, we cut out a square around the hole using a keyhole saw. Seemed odd to me at first, but apparently you have to make a hole bigger before it can disappear.

Next, we cut a piece of drywall that was the same thickness to fit the new hole. Then, using drywall screws, we attached wood that would later help provide support to our piece

Below you can see Patrick placing the new piece in the wall. It did require a little shaving here and there before it would fit.

After putting the new piece in we were supposed to use more drywall screws and secure the piece to the wood backing strips. Well, we forgot that step. I never noticed until I started blogging the process and saw the pictures. I guess we got a little ahead of ourselves. So, moving on... We then used mesh tape to cover the edges (the yellow you see below).

Then it was time for some drywall compound. The first coat is pictured below. We read that it was better to do thin layers than to goop the stuff on.

Then it was time for the second coat and a little sanding.

As you can see, no more hole! Now we just have to pick out a new paint color for the wall. We've been planning on re-painting the main living areas of our house and Hurley has just moved that item up on the time line.

Supplies you'll need for this project:
- keyhole saw
- square
- drywall (same thickness)
- wood strips
- drywall screws
- drill
- measuring tape
- pencil
- mesh tape
- drywall compound
- sandpaper

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