Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

For a few weeks now I've been looking for an artificial Christmas tree. Really it started last year when I wanted to get one before Christmas. However, I was convinced by many people that I should just suck it up and do a real tree for a second year. The plan was to get a good deal on the artificial one when they all went on sale after Christmas. Guess what, that didn't happen.

After last year I was more convinced than ever that it was the last time I would put up a real tree. Sure, they smell great, but you have to crawl under it to water it, the needles go everywhere, sap gets on things (like our ceiling where we bumped it), and last year our tree was droopy by Christmas with the back branches looking brown. Real trees are right for some people, but I was over it.

Here was the criteria for our new artificial tree:

1) It had to be green (I guess some people love pink ones, but it's not for me).
2) It had to be sturdy (we've got a large dog).
3) It had to have a good price tag (under $300).
4) Pre-lit was a must.
5) It needed to be in the 7 to 7.5 foot range.

I began my search online and then moved to some stores. I went to home improvement stores and a couple other places, but none of them caught my eye. Many were too sparse. I wanted the tree to be full so that I couldn't see through to the other side of it and I didn't want to see the center "trunk".

Well, I think I found exactly what I was looking for!

And yes, the price tag says $299 but I actually purchased it for $199. I found it at, one of my new favorite stores, Garden Ridge. I was informed of this store just last Thursday while I was at work. Some of my coworkers were telling me to look there for a tree. They said it can kind of be a hit or miss type of place because it's first come, first served. I got on the computer and began searching their inventory and decided I had to go Saturday. Then, (you are not going to believe the coincidence here) I got on one of my favorite blogs and what had they blogged about that day?...Garden Ridge. You can read about John and Sherry's experience here.

It is a crazy place. I could spend a few hours perusing through all the stuff. There are hidden treasures everywhere. They have art, plants, rugs, furniture, and even scrubs! Aubrie even found her knight in shining armor. I found myself asking, "who buys this stuff?" quite a bit.

It wasn't all like that though. There are a lot of great things to be found in the store and I'm sure I'll be going back.

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