Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Drywall Damage

Patrick and Hurley were rough housing last night. Well, Hurley was rough housing and Patrick was doing what he could to tame the beast. In the midst of it I stepped out for less than a minute to come back and find Patrick (red faced and clearly upset) and pinning Hurley to the ground saying, "You're not going to be happy when you look up." Confused, I looked up at the ceiling (it looked normal). Then he said, "No, look behind me." My jaw dropped at the sight of it. Really, there were no words for the giant hole that was now so obvious to me.  That is when I realized that Patrick had Hurley on the ground to prevent him from excitedly bashing holes in the rest of our walls.

"Show mommy what you did!"
The imprint of Hurley's backside.

I think I handled it well. I didn't raise my voice. I think I might have even cracked a smile at the situation. I am pretty sure Patrick was more upset than I was. If it had been up to him, Hurley would have stayed outside all night in the cold. All I could think about were the times we put holes in the wall (or door in my case) as kids. It's a normal part of life, I guess. No big deal, it's a wall. There are way more important things in life. Plus, I'll learn how to fix it and blog about it :) I have already started learning about the process, so check back to see how it goes!

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