Saturday, October 23, 2010


This morning my friend Aubrie came over to help me carve up some pumpkins that Patrick bought the other day. So while Patrick trimmed the bushes in the front yard, Aubrie and I sat on the back porch working on these three guys.

We are pretty pleased. The "B" did give us a little bit of trouble, but we don't think many people will notice. And here is what my sweet husband worked on.

The overgrown bushes are no more! and neither is my fall wreath... I forgot to mention that Hurley indeed didn't appreciate it. As you can imagine, I came home to find my beautiful wreath in pieces around the front yard. It was pretty while it lasted though. After all this hard work it was time to make pumpkin muffins and get ready for the Auburn game! Gotta love Saturdays in the fall!

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