Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Imitation, the sincerest form of flattery

I like to look at what other people have done and copy it or do something similar. This is probably why I have an obsession with HGTV. If I am alone on a day off, I can guarantee that it is on the TV as I wander around cleaning and/or painting.

I have always wanted to change the color of our house. I feel like it currently looks like a barn. People have told me several times that they love it because it looks like a house you would find in New England. While I appreciate the comments, I still don't love it. I look at it and think "barn." So I have become that girl. I find myself swinging through random neighborhoods unnecessarily to shop for house colors and if my camera is handy then I snap pictures. That's right, I have photographic evidence.

This is what our house looks like. It's a barn with shrubs that are overtaking the lower windows. I've discussed these bushes with the landscaper (Patrick) who says that it will be fixed.

This is what I've found that I like. It's green of course. I will confess that I have gotten out of the car, but on this particular day there were too many people around working in their yards. I love the contrasting red door and I plan to do exactly that one day.

I'm also thinking of adding window boxes to the second floor windows to add detail to the long flat front of our house. Has anyone ever had these and wish to share their opinion?

Okay, so now I've shared some of my secret obsessions. That random girl snapping photos of your house is me!

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