Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Purchase

Well, if you read my last post then you might have noticed that Hurley and I have been having some issues lately. When I said that he goosed me... well, it might have been an understatement. Even though he was playing with me, it was abusive. For a split second I thought he'd broken my leg and then the side of my head got hit. I remember looking up as he rounded back towards me for a 3rd pass and thinking, "my dog is going to kill me." It wasn't a good moment. Something had to be done. Beating my dog with a pipe is not something I imagined I'd ever do nor do I ever want to repeat it. The pipe was just the only thing I had at the time. Later that night I called Patrick and got permission to make a purchase. I worked the past three days and was thrilled to see that it had arrived Friday afternoon.

I'm hopeful that this will fix a lot of our misunderstandings. It's a remote control shock collar. He's had a wireless fence for a while now that works great. It was way better than having to bury a line in the ground. He only got zapped a few times until he learned to associate the warning beep with being shocked. This collar works pretty much the same way except that it can be used whenever we want. We'll be able to train him not to jump, pull on his leash, and, best of all, chew on that pipe!

My leg this morning several days after the incident. It actually looks a ton better than it did. I was really upset that my dog was capable of such damage (not only to the pipe, but to my leg) and writing a silly poem about it helped me make light of the situation. We haven't put the collar on him yet, but I'll be sure to update on the success or failure. Please pray that it works!

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