Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Monster

I have a giant monster.
His name is "Hurley Bear".
He likes to chew on pipes and
it makes me want to swear.

I went to tell him no and 
he goosed me on the leg.
I bent to catch my breath and then
he bopped me on the head.

He bounded back and forth.
I thought he was possessed.
How do you fix a creature
that's completely pipe obsessed?

I picked up that darn pipe
that he had yanked out of the wall
and steadied myself as he charged.
I didn't want to fall.

Before he slammed back into me
I hit him across the back.
Don't get too worked up, now.
It was only one good whack.

He scrambled up the steps
but I didn't open the door.
I wasn't done yelling so
he froze and hit the floor.

I continued in my rant,
slamming the pipe against the ground.
The monster jumped. 
I guess he didn't like the sound.

I limped down to the basement
wincing with every stride.
My bear just followed behind me.
He had no place to hide.

I told him it was bedtime.
He wandered towards his crate.
He gobbled up his treat as
I quietly closed the gate.

Please don't repeat this story
or have me put in jail.
Did I mention I have a monster
that just might be for sale?



  2. Many people have asked that I clarify the pipe. So let me go on record as saying that it was a PVC pipe NOT a metal pipe.