Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This picture was taken the night that we closed on the house. I snapped it as we walked up the steps the first time as homeowners!

I decided that if you are going to watch us renovate our home, you should have a look at its beginning and current state. Here is a quick photo tour of our home before we moved in with a few pictures of what we've changed.

The foyer is my project for the month of September. I'll be posting about its makeover soon I hope. We'll see if I can actually finish it this month. It may be a two month project.

The family room before any paint and furniture looked pretty dark. Actually, the whole house looked dark to me with the trim color.

Painting makes it look brand new. I'll never underestimate its power again. 

The dining room had some awesome curtains filled with cat hair....

Hopefully I'll figure out what kind of new curtains to put up soon.

The kitchen, unfortunately, looks pretty much the same as it did when we moved in. We have talked about painting the cabinets, but I'm not ready to tackle that just yet. Plus, I would rather wait several years and give it a good overhaul. I'd like to knock down that wall in front of the stove which would open up the kitchen to the dining/family room. It will be a big project that just has to wait.
Okay, so it does look a little different. We bought a new dishwasher and painted the trim in here as well. Plus we have new curtains. It has brightened it up a little.

One day this little desk will be history. It currently holds our cookbooks.

This cute little table is a hand me down from Jane and Bruce (the best mother and father-in-law a girl could ask for). It fits perfectly in our tight space.

Do you see it? If you look past the curtains and trim, it's a beautiful master bedroom.

The paint I used is Tradewind by Sherwin Williams. 

The master bath only has a shower, which makes me sad because a tub was on my wishlist. Nothing better than a good bubble bath after a 12hour shift. Sometimes you just have to compromise though. I am dreaming of the day that we get to knock this sucker out and put in a tub.

Bedroom upstairs that I painted and bought furniture for while Patrick was out of town on a youth trip. It was my own little episode of "while your were out". 

I used Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams. I love it! Green is my favorite. The desk came from World Market. We did eventually hang the closet door back up. It only took about 5 months...

The basement fireplace looks the same because we haven't ventured down there with our renovation ideas. The basement living room, bedroom, and laundry will probably be the last thing to get a facelift. I am most excited about adding a third bathroom down there.

The wood paneling and dropped ceiling will have to go one day. You can see here the door to the foyer and what will be the 4th bedroom.

Just had to add one last photo of our house in the snow at the beginning of this year. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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